Winner, top 3 and top 10 for the IFLA BibLibre International library marketing award 2015

The IFLA Section on Management and Marketing in collaboration with our award sponsor Biblibre, announces the 13th IFLA BibLibre International Marketing award winners! This award honors organizations which implement creative, results-oriented marketing projects or campaigns.

  1. Many thanks to our sponsor : BibLibre, Open Source software
    and services for libraries.

  2. We received 71 applications from 26 countries, in 6 different languages ! It is our world record since the award began. Librarians, thank you!

  3. On the map you can read Top 3; top 10, and all candidates who gave the jury award team the authorization to publish datas+
  4. And the winner is....

  5. [2016 Winner!] Vancouver Public Library Inspiration Lab Launch Campaign - Canada

  6. Congratulations to all the team : Daphne Wood, Stephen Barrington, Stephanie Hurst, Marya Gadison, Adrienne Horton, Tina Galanopoulos, James Gemmill and Maria Hernandez !
  7. In May 2015, Vancouver Public Library launched the city’s newest free creative destination – the Inspiration Lab – a hands-on digital media hub with sound studios, video production and editing, analog-to-digital conversion, and self-publishing software. The launch campaign's marketing objectives included driving traffic to VPL’s Inspiration Lab, increasing awareness of VPL’s Inspiration Lab and features, and reinforcing the perception of VPL as a modern, progressive and creative space. To achieve these marketing objectives, the promotional campaign targeted early adopters and media outlets, who could extend awareness through their own networks and channels.
  8. [2nd place] Tuan Time - Each library experience is a memorable treasure - Xiamen University Libraries - China

  9. Congratulations to Wei Yang , Zheng Xiao, Guofan Huang
  10. Since 2013, each graduate student’s library usage record has been transferred by librarians into a refreshing personalized e-account with painting and music, showing their lists of borrowings, library entries, favorite seats, and so on. The theme of the website is “Tuan Time”, namely, “Library Time”. By combining three Chinese characters into one, the newly coined Chinese character “Tuan” conveys the notion that a library is both a book-collection shelter and soul-enriching harbor. The e-accounts are valid permanently for graduates to review their library experiences. Moved by the consideration of the librarians, graduates keenly share them on popular social media like micro-blogs ( and WeChat, and receive huge amount of attention and positive comments on their message board.
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