Polar Bear cameos on "Morning Joe"

Celebrating 100 years in style, Polar Bear visits "Morning Joe" along with Andy Serwer '81 on Jan. 17. #GoUBears100

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  1. Polar Bear makes a guest appearance on MSNBC's Morning Joe to celebrate his 100th birthday. #goubears100 #bowdoin
  2. Guess it was Bring Your Own Bear over at Fortune Magazine.
  3. "Morning Joe" made this their Facebook page cover photo...
  4. The Bowdoin College polar bear joined the crew today to celebrate his 100th anniversary as a mascot, and Mika ain’t havin’ it.

    Read more: bit.ly/WKE8DN" class="">bit.ly/WKE8DN
  5. Comments on the cover photo:
  6. I'd like to be in that bear suit.
  7. Maybe Mika share Colbert 's fear of bears?
  8. Thanks for having us, Morning Joe. We hope Mika has recovered from her polar bear encounter!