The Bosch IoT Lab at the University of St. Gallen

Bosch Software Innovations have been working with the Institute for Technology Management (ITEM) at the University of St. Gallen since 2012, where we are developing business models for the Internet of Things with our diverse team of experts.

  1. The Bosch IoT Lab is hiring!

  2. Brandnew from the Bosch IoT Lab

  3. Even though digitalisation has radically changed the way we do business, the physical and the digital world are still separated from each other. This is, however, about to change with the Internet of Things. The Internet of Things stands for the vision that the physical world of atoms and the digital world of bits merge together.
  4. Business Models and the Internet of Things
  5. The Quantified Art project at the CES in Las Vegas! 16th meets 21st century: Mona Lisa and a sensor combining pressure, humidity, temperature & indoor air quality.
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  7. Stay up to date with the latest research from the lab:

  8. How it all began...

  9. Introduction to the Bosch Internet of Things & Services lab

  10. The reasons why

  11. Interview with Bosch's Dr. Siegfried Dais on the Internet of Things and Services (IoT)
  12. Interview with Prof. Fleisch on why Bosch and the University of St. Gallen cooperate for the IoT

  13. First project ideas - iterative in character :-)

  14. The lab's first birthday

  15. Prof. Dr. Fleisch: One year of Bosch IoT Lab at University of St. Gallen

  16. Project: Business model innovation in the Internet of Things

  17. Markus Weinberger is the Director of the Bosch IoT Lab at the University of St. Gallen: He is regularly blogging about business model innovation in the Internet of Things.
  18. Project introduction: Business Model Innovation in the Internet of Things
  19. The hero in the latest edition of the University of St. Gallen's video series "Little Green Bags": The Internet of Things. It is worthwhile watching!
  20. Neue #Geschäftsmodelle  mit vernetzten Produkte im Internet der Dinge und Dienste entwickeln? Wie einfach...
  21. Business Models and the Internet of Things
  22. Es gibt viele Erklärvideos zu #IoT. Ein besonders einfaches und verständliches ist das der Uni St. Gallen...

  23. Project: IoT platform research

  24. Felix Wortmann is the Academic Director of the lab - he is the IoT platform expert
  25. Felix Wortmann is a guest author for the Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog - one of his latest articles on IoT platforms brought up some very interesting feedbacks. Get the full discussion on data privacy, security, knowledge and even a content management system for the Internet of Things directly in his article:
  26. IoT platforms 101 | Bosch ConnectedWorld Blog Good read. Of course that can only mean that you need OSGi for IoT :-) 
  27. Project introduction: IoT Platforms

  28. Project: comfy

  29. The research associates Stefanie Turber and Marcus Köhler are covering this security light project and have in the meantime won several start-up and innovation awards.
  30. Project introduction: Security light
  31. The AXA Innovation Award goes to: comfy!
  32. Gewinner AXA Innovation Award 2014: Stefanie Turber und Marcus Koehler mit "Comfy"
  33. And the winner of the BearingPoint Be.Project 2014 startup competition is - comfy!
  34. Be.Project 2014 - Interview mit dem Gewinner-Team
  35. Markus Weinberger is covering the project in one of his blog posts:

  36. Project: Room Climate Monitoring System

  37. Research associate Paul Rigger is working with "Quantified Art"
  38. Paul and Mona Lisa at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas in January 2015!
  39. Paul in his office at the Bosch IoT Lab working with some prototypes:
  40. Project introduction: Room Climate Monitoring System

  41. [Part 1] The Internet of Things (IoT) at school
  42. His prototypes were field tested at an Austrial grammar school: Check these videos out :-)
  43. [Part 2] The Internet of Things (IoT) at school
  44. [Part 3] The Internet of Things (IoT) at school

  45. Project: Cirql

  46. Research associates Dominic Wörner and Thomas von Bomhard care about good room climate!
  47. Project introduction: Room Climate Control
  48. Could it be that we care less about what we need most? "Depending on age and activity, we inhale approx...

  49. Project: eBike leasing

  50. Research associate Kristina Flüchter is analysing the impact of the Internet of Things on mobility business models:
  51. Project introduction: eBike leasing

  52. Project: Connected Car