1. The idea behind the Twitter party was not only to share tips and tricks on all things beauty related, but also to help launch boots.com/bootscamp - the online destination to help you get ready for summer. Boots Camp is a step-by-step programme that is full of inspiring hints, tips, tricks and offers to help you make the most of the sunshine. 

    So without further ado, let's check out what our hosts and experts got up to when they headed to #bootscamp! Our hosts kicked the party off, and chat quickly turned to all things summer beauty...

  2. The first topic on the agenda was sun-up to sun-down beauty, with our experts offering tips on the best products to take you from day to night, whatever the weather.
  3. From there, the chat moved on to the question on everyone's lips, when the sun comes out...do you dare to bare?
  4. The next subject up for discussion was how to 'glow your own way' this summer...
  5. Talk then turned to the hottest festival looks...
  6. ...before the final few tips on getting out there this summer from our experts, hosts and those joining in!