Discussion with Sen. Donna Campbell

.@GregAbbott_TX sponsored an online Town Hall for Donna Campbell on April 10 at 1pm. #TeamBoone stuck around for about an hour, but Sen. Campbell only answered ~3 questions. http://townhall254.gregabbott.com/forum/educating-texans/discussion-sen-donna-campbell/

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  1. Regarding a question about Common Core and CSCOPE, Senator Campbell says: "You can rest assured that we are on board with Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS). We do not support Common Core in Texas and we feel Texas knows best how to educate our children – not Washington, D.C. We will stand strongly against anyone who challenges the high standards Texas continues to set for our children."
  2. On Teacher Tenure and Unions (updated 4/10 @ 3:35pm central time), Senator Campbell says: "I believe we need an education system that provides incentives to the best teachers. Principals need the authority to make personnel decisions that best fit their campuses. Texas is a right-to-work state and I wholeheartedly support that philosophy."
  3. Regarding a question about standardized testing, Senator Campbell says: "We made substantial reductions in standardized testing in the last legislative session. I do believe it is reasonable to expect a measure of accountability to make sure the educational needs of our children are being met. Regarding who conducts testing, I believe competition breeds excellence, not only in education but in every sector of public policy."