Oakland Raiders Fans

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  1. Everbody saying they riding with the Raiders no matter what. Not me, Damn the Raiders. Denver all the way
  2. Today we should remember the destruction those dirty, nasty wannabe terrorists and how negative of effect they have had on Americans,, Ofcourse I'm referring to the traders getting smoked lastnight by the chargers... Come on LA, the raiders abandoned u like most ur daddy's did,, start rooting for a real team...
  3. Raiders wat a joke maybe next year
  4. The raiders game pissed me off with the hiker for the punter damn backups>:l
  5. Soooo.... really not trying to hate "BUT" last night had to be one of the worse monday night season opener games ive seen in a while. Raiders got some work to do, starting with a long snapper. DAMN!!! Was an ugly night for the silver and black. Not a good way to end opening day :/
  6. Damn the Raiders start the season 0-1 again for the 70th time in team history. Damn how hard is it to win the first game. Has to be a sad day for all you Raider Fans.