Margot Lee Shetterly at Brown University

On March 13th, 2017, Margot Lee Shetterfly, the author of the New York Times Bestseller "Hidden Figures", the basis for the award-winning film of the same name, gave a keynote address at Brown University. Co-sponsored by the Sarah Doyle Women's Center and the Science Center at Brown University.

  1. This is the keynote speaker for the @BrownSarahDoyle Women's History Month programming says Sarah Doyle Assistant Director in introduction.
  2. @margotshetterly : my book tells story of 4 women.. of what it means to be black, female, scientist, & american. #MargotLeeShetterlyAtBrown
  3. @margotshetterly producers of movie focused narrative of movie surrounding Katherine Johnson's role... #MargotLeeShetterlyAtBrown
  4. .@margotshetterly : i am interested in the phrase of "looking beyond"... it has layers of meaning #MargotLeeShetterlyAtBrown
  5. .@margotshetterly : looking beyond is what these women had to do to get an education.
  6. .@margotshetterly : the women had then to join their colleagues to take the world into the heavens...
  7. .@margotshetterly : "looking beyond" meant reexamining what i thought i knew about civil rights movement, space race, about science
  8. .@margotshetterly : we forget or perhaps don't even know that Dr. King stood on the shoulders of others to reach his mountain top
  9. .@margotshetterly : computers today are ubiquitous, but how many of us remember or knew that until most recent decades of human history...
  10. .@margotshetterly a computer was simply the job title of a person, usually female, making calculations?
  11. .@margotshetterly there's no time i'm on an airplane i don't think about the calculations these women made.. glad they got the numbers right
  12. .@margotshetterly: these women's lives intersected many of the moments that we called "the american century"
  13. .@margotshetterly as many as 80 black women working as scientists, engineers, data analysts... working at NASA
  14. .@margotshetterly 1,000 women of all backgrounds working then-- why haven't we held them up as role models?
  15. .@margotshetterly: physical segregation of workplace itself, black women less visible, litrlly separated into diff. office than white women
  16. .@margotshetterly: black women dressed to the nines, did not want to be mistaken for anything other than the mathematicians they were
  17. .@margotshetterly: if today's America gets double vision on black female mathematicians, just imagine the blind spot these women existed in
  18. .@margotshetterly: for decades, computing was women's work. men were engineers, and women calculated. most hired as sub-professionals...
  19. .@margotshetterly: black men could even be professionals and engineers, but all women were not.
  20. .@margotshetterly: once these women in these positions, did all they could to keep jobs and exceed expectations
  21. .@margotshetterly: growing up in Virginia, I saw black female mathematicians and it was as normal as any other job
  22. .@margotshetterly: i had no cognitive dissonance when i thought black. female. mathematician... they were never three separate people
  23. .@margotshetterly: never realized how extraordinary the people next door to me were... only now our eyes are sharp enough to truly see..
  24. .@margotshetterly:.. that their contribution changed the course of American history
  25. .@margotshetterly: these women were known as PTA leader, girl scout leader, piano players at church, didnt want to stand apart frm community
  26. .@margotshetterly: they show us that there is talent absolutely everywhere around us, illustrating the benefits to opening...
  27. .@margotshetterly: door of opportunity to all of our citizens and the consequences of when we can't do that...
  28. .@margotshetterly: these women are exceptional, but they weren't the exception in their workplace. they are extraordinary, ordinary people
  29. .@margotshetterly: since book tour started, absolutely amazed at number and diversity of people who have... #MargotLeeShetterlyAtBrown
  30. .@margotshetterly: we see Women's /Black History or WWII History/ Space History as separate from American History#MargotLeeShetterlyAtBrown
  31. .@margotshetterly: these women confronted kinds of things familiar to us all. the search for meaningful work... #MargotLeeShetterlyAtBrown
  32. .@margotshetterly: for a better future for our families, a fear of unknown, the struggle to define...#MargotLeeShetterlyAtBrown
  33. .@margotshetterly: what it means to be american..these women and stories provide us something we all yearn for.. #MargotLeetShetterlyAtBrown
  34. .@margotshetterly: and that is evidence of the triumph of curiosity and imagination over fear. [Move now to Q&A] #MargotLeeShetterlyAtBrown
  35. The Q&A line for #MargotLeeShetterlyAtBrown is all little girls of color asking questions. .@margotshetterly is beaming and answering kindly
    The Q&A line for #MargotLeeShetterlyAtBrown is all little girls of color asking questions. .@margotshetterly is beaming and answering kindly
  36. .@margotshetterly: when we think of a scientist, we don't usually think female or POC. how can we change that representation?
  37. .@margotshetterly : practice what they preached in terms of pay equity, diverse people even below the line (costumes, tech)...
  38. .@margotshetterly : everyone i came in contact with felt like it was more than a movie... i could not have asked for a better experience
  39. .@margotshetterly: Even though I sort of came to creative storytelling late in my career.. one thing I had to do was sell...