Classic Dresses That Never Go out of Style


  1. We all want the same thing when shopping for a new dress.Something that fits, looks great, and will still be in style for years to come.If you’re going to treat yourself something new, it should be a classic cocktail dress that will always have a place in the fashion world. Trendy clothes can be fun for nights out with your friends, but if you have a special event coming up this season, you’re going to need something more dignified.Here are a few fantastic styles that you’ll want to consider adding to your wardrobe.
  2. Tailored Pencil Dress

    Otherwise known as the Jackie O dress, the tailored pencil dress is as classic as they come. Made to reflect the late 60’s fashions, the straight lines fitted to softly hug any figure were a sexier option to the knee-length flare at that time. This style will of course remind you of Jackie Onassis, a fashion icon even in today’s world. If you happen to come across anything that resembles this silhouette, you won’t regret the purchase. It’s already proven to have fashion consistency for decades. Plus, you’ll feel like a First Lady in this dress.
  3. One Shoulder Dress

    Another option for formal occasions is a fitted dress with one shoulder. A straight diagonal line across the chest with one bare shoulder is daring yet elegant. This sharp style has picked up steam over the last decade for a good reason. The one open shoulder is a way to sneak in a little sexiness to a dress that could be considered traditional or conservative. There’s many different versions to choose from with a flared, accented, ruffled, or longs levee. It’s incredibly versatile and can be worn many times over.
  4. Mini Dress, Long Sleeves

    While knee-length dresses will usually be a safer choice for attending a number of different formal events, a mini dress still has a place at the party. This is a terrific option, especially for those with a killer set of legs. What helps to balance out the short skirt is long or 3/4 length sleeves. This helps to create a beautiful harmony between a party dress and a formal cocktail dress. You can attend a happy hour in this style, as well as a professional event. If you feel your personality is a bit too bold for a Jackie O dress, this dress could be the one for you.