BLL does Ironman Wales

It's a long, emotional and demanding day at an Ironman. And it's also like that for competitors.


  1. In the run up to IM Wales, Garmin issues an important firmware update. What they don't know is that this is copyright infringement and we expect considerable compensation.
  2. Upon arriving in Tenby, Nico immediately got to the nub of the matter: Good rucksack?

  3. And always looking for a marketing angle, the home guard launched the competition of the century. #rollover
  4. More awesome marketing, this time harnessing the power of social media. #knowledge
  5. The very thought of Mum and Dad doing any cock and ball grabbing almost brought an early end to the fun.

  6. #Bad3gInTenby was a global trending topic on Sunday. No shit.
  7. Nico just out of the water. The guy behind him looks like he's taking out the bins.
  8. What a tool. Mind you don't take your eye out with that, son.
  9. It's usually at the sharper end of the run when things start to get exciting. Both of our lads going well .
  10. We interrupt your race coverage for a fun FACTOID.

  11. ...and back to the action. Paul Burton moving up the field.
  12. This is Nico, just before he moonwalked over the line.
  13. Success for the endurance Hero. Now an actual hero.