Top Rated Heavy Duty Beach Umbrella for 2018

Six of the best heavy duty beach umbrellas to protect you from the sun and wind. Sitting in the shade of a large umbrella is a great way to spend the day at the beach. Great for families sitting on towels or two sand chairs. Lightweight to carry, durable and easy to set up.


  1. In a hurry?

  2. When looking for a heavy duty wind resistant beach umbrella, there are only a handful of really good ones on the market.
  3. Silver Solar Guard umbrella - 8 feet wide. Wind and Water Resistant - Click Here for Online Pricing
  4. The Solar Guard is designed not to bend out of shape in heavy winds, therefore not as fragile and breakable as the traditional beach umbrellas. They are lightweight (for their size). It is recommended that you buy a sand anchor which is sold separately.
  5. The Solar Guard has an 8' span and has unique fiberglass rods that won't bend or break in the wind. The pole is white and will not rush.
  6. UV protection: Solar Guard has a reflective surface that bounces off some of the sun's rays and only allows 1% of the UV light through.
  7. Tommy Bahama Beach Umbrella - 7' Deluxe Edition - Click here for customer reviews and pricing info
  8. Tommy Bahama beach umbrellas come with a sand anchor and carrying bag which is great. These umbrellas have wind vents which help wind resistance. Quality fabric, beautiful designs, strong and sturdy.
  9. These umbrellas have a 7' span - good for two people to sit comfortably or a family of 4 to sit on towels.
  10. Easy to put into the sand and you can tilt the umbrella as the sun moves during the day.
  11. BeachBUB - Heavy Duty Umbrella - Click here for reviews and pricing info
  12. The BeachBub works differently than the other umbrellas. It uses a "bag" as the anchor where you add in sand which hold the umbrella in place. No work in screwing an anchor into the sand!
  13. Wind rated to 35 MPH.
  14. 7.5' spread and weighs about 8 pounds.
  15. It's a bit pricier than some, but it will last you years and has awesome customer ratings.
  16. Sport-Brella XL:

  17. Sport-brella works well for sun, rain and wind. Easy to set up and inexpensive. You can set it up as a tent anchored to the sand or have it as an umbrella. It comes with a carrying bag and anchor stakes to provide extra stability with the wind. The umbrella width is 9 feet, so lots of people can share the shade.
  18. When packed up, the XL is 5 feet in length to carry and has a width of 9 feet. The regular version has a 7 foot wide canopy.
  19. This umbrella pole does not screw into the sand, instead it has anchor ties to hold the umbrella in place.