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  2. Chopping Boards and utensils are two likely sources of food cross-contamination. Color Coded Chopping Boards are an important tool in the battle for kitchen hygiene. Use the appropriate colored board for each type of food to reduce the chances of problems in your kitchen.
  3. Spreading germs around the kitchen increases the chances of food poisoning. Using a board for one type of food will reduce the likelihood of those germs transferring from raw food to ready-cooked food. This is a major cause of food poisoning, which can prove fatal to vulnerable groups such as young babies and the elderly as they are more at risk from infection.

    So what are the colors of the boards, and which should you use for what?

    BLUE for fish or seafood.

    YELLOW for raw poultry such as chicken and turkey.

    RED for raw meats.

    BROWN for root vegetables.

    GREEN for salad and fruits.

    WHITE for dairy products and bread.

    Variations on the code have Brown for cooked meats and make no distinction between salad and root vegetables.
  4. Joseph Joseph Index color coded chopping boards

  5. The Joseph Joseph index boards are pricey, but are the most popular of the color coded sets, but you also have some great options with Neoflam, Elixar, and Prepworks.
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