The Economic Power Of The Latino Market

Chiqui Cartegena, vice president of marketing at Univision, shared some startling statistics with Reynolds Week and Scripps Howard Entrepreneurship Fellows at Arizona State University on Monday. They're using the hashtag #moneynerds.


  1. How wealthy are U.S. Hispanics?
  2. Latinos are creating their own baby boom.
  3. What's more, Latinos' income is growing.
  4. Latinos are playing a key role in the growth of the housing market.
  5. And they pose a challenge to big companies.
  6. But it looks like they'll need to figure it out.
  7. A lot of attention has been paid to Asian-Americans, but it's a tougher market to reach than Latinos.
  8. And, perceptions are old.
  9. The media needs to catch up.