Counting Crows Partners with BitTorrent and Releases Exclusive Bundle

“If you got 150 million people on BitTorrent, then that’s the new radio station. That’s a better radio station in fact, because people have the choice to play it as much as they want and stop when they get sick of it.” - Adam Duritz

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  1. On Monday, May 14th, at 10:00 a.m., PST, BitTorrent unleashed their exclusive Counting Crows Bundle to the world. 
  2. The response from tech media was definitely encouraging.
  3. The following day, we asked fans to participate in our Twitter Chat with Counting Crows and hashtagged it #crowchat. In the end, the event lasted 3 hours, produced 250+ tweets, reached over 1.4 million users, and received 3-million-plus impressions and counting.
  4. You know you have a question (or two) you'd like to ask @CountingCrows. So, what are you waiting for? Visit for more details #countingcrows, #crowchat, #bittorrent
  5. We talk a little bit about influences and sources of inspiration...
  6. Here's where the first real laugh comes in. Adam has a wicked sense of humor...