Day 3 of 5th Conference on Open Access Scholarly Publishing

Our Storify continues with the 3rd and final day of COASP. The morning kicked off with Simon Thomson from Open Access Key.

  1. cost of managing APC for institutions $140 on top of APC Simon Thomson (Open Access Key) #COASP
  2. Next up we had Roy Kaufman of Copyright Clearance Center (CCC).
  3. Publishers/authors should use all standards - DOI, ORCID, crossref etc to help track articles and versions and publishers: Kaufman #COASP
  4. CCC (Copyright Clearance Center) isn't fan of standard #OA licenses (CC-BY, etc.). Licenses too simple for you to make a profit? #coasp
  5. Just crossed a CC-BY OA article on PubGet for 15 USD. Could CC-BY-NC promote openess? #COASP
  6. An interesting link to save : NISO working group on Open Access Metadata and Indicators : #coasp
  7. David Shotton (Open Citations Corpus) took charge of the mic.
  8. David Shotton (Open Citations Corpus) up now at #coasp
  9. Citation data need to be part of the Commons - made free. Terminology of a citation needs work! Shotton #coasp
  10. Shotton: The full citation record must be part of the scholarly commons #COASP
  11. David Shotton (Open Citation Corpus): Citation data should be free and belong to the Commons #oaspa #coasp #coasp2013
  12. We can't call ourselves an #OA publisher if we use CC-BY-NC or CC-BY-ND ... only CC-BY meets definition. @ubiquitypress #COASP
  13. Kamila Markram from Frontiers discussed the future!
  14. Hearing about Frontiers from Kamila Markram - great community driven #OA initiative #COASP
  15. Most viewed original research selected for Focused Review - layman summaries. Kamila Markra @FontiersIn #COASP #oa #socialnetworking
  16. Such a community platform fulfils the ‘nerdy need’ for academics. Vid on YouTube got 804 views but on @FrontiersIn >124,000: Markram #COASP
  17. @KamilaMarkram at #coasp: "The tier-climbing system @Frontiers is like a crowd-sourcing prestige-building system"
  18. In the Frontiers network, you can follow concepts to get deeper into subjects. @FrontiersIn #oaspa #coasp #coasp2013
  19. I love that Kamila Markra @FontiersIn talks about being a technology company! IT platform for Open Science #COASP #oa
  20. Reviewers interact with authors to provide constructive assessment - idea is to reach consensus and improve article: Markram #COASP
  21. Once article available online, run impct metrics & authors of most viewed article can climb ‘tier’ and write focused review: Markram #COASP
  22. Academics can build profiles and CVs -others can follow people or concepts or subjects - create their own jrnl @FrontiersIn : Markram #COASP
  23. @KamilaMarkram (@FrontiersIn) explains tiering, "a crowd-sourced prestige system" to show relevance and impact of research articles. #COASP
  24. Technology provided by @FontiersIn publishing activities managed by the Editors and community. Kamila Markra #COASP
  25. @KamilaMarkram from @FrontiersIn speaking at #COASP on "democratizing publishing": Innovative review, network-building, sharing of metrics.
  26. By far the most exciting presentation at #COASP. Kamila Markra @FrontiersIn - always good to look to the future!
  27. Brian Hole from Ubiquity Press hit the stage...
  28. Brian Hole from @ubiquitypress up now at #COASP ... for the record, he's not from Switzerland!
  29. #COASP session this morning #OA more than articles. Networks from @frontiersin Software, data from @ubiquitypress & chemical started at MDPI
  30. Standard APC is £250 - cost transparency detailed on @ubiquitypress website. #COASP
  31. @brian_hole (@ubiquitypress) presenting at #COASP: very low APCs; smart & lean system based on #OJS. Great stuff!
  32. Then we had Lyubomir Penev of Pensoft to discuss publishing and primary data. As you will see, it generated quite a few responses!
  33. Lyubomir Penev @Pensoft describing authoring, reviewing and publishing platform all in one place. #coasp
  34. @Pensoft publish primary / raw data of scientific publications, I love the idea but scientists are a competitive and paranoid bunch #coasp
  35. Penev: Authoring, reviewing and publishing, with detailed upfront markup. Text stored and treated as data @Pensoft #oaspa #coasp #coasp2013
  36. Interesting "data-driven" publication journal I want see their "upfront markup" XML hidden tool for authors #coasp
  37. @piotrr70 the upfront markup XML tool is interesting ..I wonder if @Pensoft would share the 'hidden' details #coasp
  38. Fantastic authoring tool and automated data and metadata capture by Lyubomir Penev (Pensoft) #COASP
  39. Reviewers told of paper in their field- option to review if interest leads to faster turnaround time Public review in parallel Penev #COASP
  40. @Pensoft article editor looks nice, but isn't the Google Docs like approach we are going for. Probably too difficult to use for SSH. #coasp
  41. Lyubomir showing @Pensoft authoring/editorial/journal environment. Shows value of discipline focus in creating display functionality #COASP
  42. You can download citation details from the @Pensoft platform in up to 600 journal styles. Why do we have so many styles? #coasp
  43. My only criticism of @Pensoft system is it might be too tightly integrated. Modularity will be key to support diff tool for eg chem #COASP
  44. The conference ends, but not the discussion...
  45. LIKE. RT @alwaleeed Botz: Gold and Green #openaccess can work together. 'Color blindness is sometimes good' #COASP
  46. From @eferwerda's OA HSS presentation at #coasp: 'Most OA publishing in HSS works without money'. Hmm. 
  47. Similarly, surveys might suggest dropping print would create howls of protest. But our experience is no one notices! #COASP
  48. ...and the reviews are positive!
  49. Conference on #OpenAccess Scholarly Publishing finishing, great info for 3days via #COASP, well worth viewing
  50. Another great #COASP concludes. Thanks to organisers and participants. "Paldies un ardievas" to Riga... #OA
  51. Paul's well planned closing remarks are always one of the highlights of this conference for me :-) #COASP