Mary Beard confirms that Julius Caesar banned heavy goods traffic from Rome during daytime

I was very interested to read in Mary Beard's book about Rome 'SPQR' that Julius Caesar banned big carts from Rome daytime, a ban that was not rescinded by subsequent emperors, as I have been calling for a day-time ban of lorries from London. So I wrote a couple of jokey tweets about it.


  1. A few people tweeted some replies in the same jokey vein as my original tweets:
  2. :
  3. Mustafa Arif, a trustee of the London Cycling Campaign, who have also been calling for action to reduce danger from lorries, responded with this:
  4. And then Mary Beard herself popped up in my time-line:
  5. So there you are! Cities can survive and thrive after heavy goods vehicles have been banned day-time. Take that one and run with it cycling tweeps!