Low Income Families in More Need than Ever

Sometimes, the often forgotten people struggle in out world on a day to day basis and we forget that the very people around us might need the most help.

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  1. Over the years more and more people find themselves in poverty. People take on too much debt, jobs that were once secure are no longer secure, companies sometimes go under, or people end up taking on debt that wasn't event theirs to begin with. The problem is people forget about those who are in need.
  2. People sometimes just have to live with the fact that they cannot get food at night. There is a sad reality that children will go hungry tonight because parents simply do not make enough to provide for their families.
  3. But there can be a solution to this travesty. The church can help with need in more way than one. Churches simply have to be creative about the choices they make toward helping others out.
  4. Sometimes, it is also more than just food that can help low income families. There can be an answer in many of ways.
  5. So how can you help? Here are three easy ways to get your church on board with helping low income families within the church.
  6. 1.) Raise awareness

  7. Sometimes it is important for the people in your own congregation to recognize that their is a need within the church. People cannot do anything if they do not know about the problem. Without any sort of recognition, then their will be no change.
  8. 2.) Implement a System

  9. Take some time talking to your church about the different ways you can help those that are in your immediate context. Make a list of families that are in need of support within your church. Maybe you could even set up a food system in your church where you give out food to those in need within your community. In addition to that, maybe you can have a church garden that you can grow food in for people or even teach people how to grow their own garden in their homes.
  10. 3.) Tell other people

  11. You will only be able to help people who know about the problem. Invite your church into the process of what you are doing and allow them to take ownership of the initiatives that your church is doing. Also, to tell those people who are in need. It might be nice to implement a program, but unless people know about it, then they will not be able to take full advantage of it. Finally, people who are in need might feel ashamed coming out to get help. It is important to let people know that their is nothing wrong with asking for help or receiving help and that sometimes it takes people a while to get the help they need in order to grow and become strong.