TLLP Summit

Reflecting, Sharing and Learning at TLLP Summit 2014

  1. What have you done this week to take your profession to a higher level? An easy answer for people in the room at #tllp2014 #tllp14
  2. No matter the country, everyone is questioning/reflecting on education practice - Ann Lieberman #tllp2014
  3. Ann Lieberman, "Do we give people theories or do we listen to practice?" #tllp14 #tllp2014
  4. Lieberman suggests that TLLP may well be revolutionary in its approach to supporting professional learning and teacher leadership #tllp14
  5. Hargreaves: "disciplined innovation" - which requires many different types of colleagues to collaborate - leads to powerful change #tllp14
  6. Not all change has to come from the same place and be done in the same way! #tllp14 #tllp2014
  7. If you are passionate about your innovation, share it and work with others who will challenge you. #tllp14 #tllp2014
  8. Hargreaves: If ur passionate about ur work & learning, one possible next step is 2 work with those who can take it 2 the next level #tllp14
  9. Hargreaves: "You - #tllp14 Cohort 7 - have changed my thinking about the place [information communication] technologies play in education"