Creating an Online Coop Community

There are many great ways for Coop teachers to create online environments where students can go to collect their resources, to dialogue with the teacher and other students and to reflect on the learning occurring in their placement. These spaces provide students with a quick spot to reference important teachings that occurred in the preplacement part of the course. These spaces offer a way to connect to resources that may help them as they encounter issues, have questions or reflect on the placement and their learnings.

  1. Regardless of the digital classroom management application you choose, use to make sending messages, reminders for assignments and logs to be submitted easy. Students, parents and employers can sign up for your remind classroom which also helps with engagement. Sometimes remembering to visit the classroom information space can be difficult,, with remind, set up reminders that link to the site that makes it easy for students to find exactly what it is you want them to know or see.
  2. Introduction: What is Remind?
  3. D2L - Our LKDSB elearning platform of choice
  4. The wonderful thing about using the LKDSB D2L environment, is that the coop course has been structured and is ready to use. The course has been created to reference the programs and emphasis we like to see our students complete. Units include PrePlacement, Integration and Reflection. The course is complete with self marking quizzes, links to external content and dropbox/quiz options for students to complete their weekly logs and reflective assignments. We have incorporated the use of myBlueprint for resume and cover letter building as this is the chosen "Individualized Pathways Plan" digital environment. The best thing of all, although this course has been created, it is completely editable so you can make it your own!
  5. If you aren't from the LKDSB and have access to the D2L platform, I suggest you check it out. The site is clean and easy for students to navigate, and has helpful tips and resources to make course creation relatively easy to do.
  6. A simple option to creating a digital coop environment is Edmodo. Use this environment to add resources, assignments and to connect with students.
  7. Google Classroom - the easiest platform to use and set up, especially if you are a GAFE board however the layout looks more like facebook and posts can get lost in the newsfeed. Google is working hard all the time to improve this new application and updates come out quickly.