My Favorite Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

Although all browsers out there are fantastic for their own reasons, since I've become an avid Google fan, using Google for personal and professional reasons, Google Chrome has become my go to browser of choice. The Google Apps and Extensions make the browser the quick space I need to do what needs to get done.

  1. Google Extensions
  2. URL Shortner - I love this extension. It allows me to quickly shorten URLs which I share in emails, on twitter etc. It automatically creates a QR code as well that you can then drag into a document or presentation you may be working on.
  3. Save to Google Drive allows you to save a snapshot of the webpage you are on to your google drive account. This can be helpful if you are looking to share some information quickly or to save it for later.
  4. Pin it - for obvious reasons, I love Pinterest and use it to save the majority of my personal interests such as recipes,, fitness tips and tricks, home decorating etc. This handy extension helps me easily pin directly from the web!
  5. Pocket - I love to read but don't always have the time. This handy extension allows me to easily add websites, blogs, articles to my pocket account to read later.
  6. Awesome Screenshot - allows you to quickly take a screenshot for various uses.
  7. Bookmark Bar
  8. I have learned to keep my bookmark bar as clean and simple as possible. It now includes only links to the applications I use to store my information, as opposed to links to the information itself. This allows me to quickly get to the application I need in order to find the information I'm looking for.
  9. It has taken me a few years but I've developed a system, different sites/applications I use for different purposes. For example: Pinterest for personal interests, Pocket for saving my to read list, Evernote once I've found a good reading I want to save, google for personal and professional creations. This has allowed me to quickly and easily find and store information when I need it.