An Introduction to Google Apps

Google Drive

  1. Google Drive is the perfect space to save all our files. Since our board is GAFE user, we have unlimited storage. Using Google as my main platform means I can access all my files no matter where I am. It is easy to create new files (documents, slides, sheets, forms and drawings) directly from the Google Drive page.
  2. You can also upload files from your computer into Google Drive to be stored or to be converted to a Google version of the item if that is an option.
  3. Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and Drawings are excellent document creation tools. They allow users to share, to collaborate, comment or just view depending on the status you give to each user. In the classroom it can be used as a tool to create the work, for group collaboration, for submitting assignments, and for giving feedback. Files are stored in the cloud and users can access them anywhere they have access to the internet.
  4. Google Research Tool - found within Google these google creation tools. Users can open the research tool and search for information while still in the google document/slide. Users can search for articles, scholarly research, images and quotes. If they choose to use the information, simply inserting the information by dragging and dropping it into the document creates a footnote at the bottom of the page. Footnotes can be edited to be in different citation styles depending on the needs.
  5. Comments - This feature is a great feedback tool. Users simply cursor where they want the comment inserted and then using the comment tool, share their thoughts. The actual document is not edited, but the creator can see the suggestions given to them in order to edit and fix their work.
  6. Revision tracking - When this feature is turned on, you can see who edited the document and when. Different users appear in different colours for easy tracking. Documents can be recovered throughout the revision process if necessary.
  7. You can get many different Add-ons for these Google products. Add-ons work to increase the functionality of the product and can be searched for and purchased in the Google Chrome Store.

  8. Google Documents

  9. Google Documents are simple word documents that are easy to create and simple to use. Google Docs replicates Microsoft Word. It is a great space for student writing, answering questions, collaboration between group members and paperless assessment for teachers.

  10. Google Forms

  11. Google Forms - Great ways to create self marking quizzes, surveys or easy data collection forms. They are simple to create, easy to share and all information collected gets stored automatically in a google sheet that you can then use for evaluation or sorting. Forms can have text, multiple choice, checklists, images etc. In order to self mark, go to view live form, then complete the quiz, click submit. Then go to the response spreadsheet (View Responses), under Add ons, install Flubaroo. Once it is installed you can use Flubaroo to mark the assignment. See the video below to see how to use flubaroo.
  12. You can also use a combination of Google Classroom + Doctopus+ Goobric for easy to deliver feedback including rubrics, text or verbal comments.
  13. Doctopus + Classroom + Goobric = :)
  14. DocAppender allows you to include a photo in your form data submission, using a smartphone or tablet device.

  15. Google Drawings

  16. Have students use google drawings to demonstrate their learning by creating images or demonstrating their learning using images, text, shapes etc. Students can do this from scratch or you could give them a copy of an assignment and they could use the drawing to show their work. Students can also collaborate in Google Drawings to demonstrate learning
  17. How to Use Google Drawing

  18. Google Slides

  19. Google Slides mimic a watered down version of PowerPoint that is stored within Google Drive. It is simple and easy to use and features all of the above notes such as collaboration, research, revision history and comment capabilities.

  20. Google Sheets

  21. Google Sheets mimic a watered down version of Excel that is stored within Google Drive. It is simple and easy to use and features all of the above notes such as collaboration, research, revision history and comment capabilities.
  22. Google Sheets - Tutorial 01 - Creating and Basic Formatting