Educational Designer at the FoA


  1. I am a dedicated teacher, an agent for students' talents
  2. I have been teaching Film and Television at Swinburne University for 5 years as both tutor and convenor, now I am an educational designer because I wanted to reach more students to make that difference.
  3. This is an exhibition I produced for the ReMSTEP conference, for the University of Melbourne Graduate School of Education, to experience math and science for teacher educators and PSTs
  4. With my Master of Arts in Theatre and Communication Science and Romance Philology I broadened my knowledge and studied for the Grad Cert of Learning an Teaching (HE) with focus on digital learning environment and online teaching
  5. Arts L&T Vlog - Welcome Videos
  6. The book I am reading right now was "Avenue of Mysteries" by John Irving, unfortunate that this 800 pages book fell into lake Macquarie whilst sailing last weekend. The ending will be a mystery to me now for ever.