#Motorama LIVE - Mar 23rd 2017

Edd China Leaving Wheeler Dealers, Quality vs Price; Which Matters Most in a New Car, Pros & Cons of Ford's Redesigned Escape Titanium 1.5L EcoBoost

  1. Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Quality vs Price: Which Matters More? We Open Up On @Ford's Redesigned #Escape. https://t.co/Cn2Ftq5dUM
    Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Quality vs Price: Which Matters More? We Open Up On @Ford's Redesigned #Escape. pic.twitter.com/Cn2Ftq5dUM
  2. Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Quality vs Price: Which Matters More? We Open Up On @Ford's Redesigned #Escape https://t.co/RYvFmqWrsg
    Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Quality vs Price: Which Matters More? We Open Up On @Ford's Redesigned #Escape pic.twitter.com/RYvFmqWrsg
  3. #Motorama LIVE will be shifting gears over different terrain this week. Stay tuned for Texas #MudHOON fun! #Raaaar https://t.co/g5XMcSxQML
    #Motorama LIVE will be shifting gears over different terrain this week. Stay tuned for Texas #MudHOON fun! #Raaaar pic.twitter.com/g5XMcSxQML
  4. Welcome to the wildest weekly online automotive & motorsport discussion! It's #Motorama LIVE! I'm your HOON of hosts @BerryLowman!
  5. We begin #Motorama LIVE tonight w/a some sad news. @TheEddChina is leaving @wheelerdealers on @Velocity. We'll all miss watching Edd wrench!
  6. It's amazing how good of a run @wheelerdealers has had over the years. A big part of that was watching @TheEddChina work miracles. #Motorama
  7. We here at #Motorama LIVE wish @TheEddChina all the best in his new adventures on @YouTube. Maybe we could get him on our show sometime? :)
  8. How many of you are @wheelerdealers fans? I know I've been watching their show for about a decade. Always been intrigued by it! #Motorama
  9. @BerryLowman I enjoy @wheelerdealers when I can remember it is on. I would definitely binge watch on netflix #motorama
  10. I enjoyed watching the dynamic between @TheEddChina & @mikebrewer, but watching Edd perform miracles was the heart of it for many. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/vangoatnc/status/844718356825587714 
  11. We're all looking forward to seeing what @TheEddChina does next. He's welcome on #Motorama LIVE to talk cars & wrenching anytime! :)
  12. I'm sure we can get any car back on the road at a profit with @TheEddChina and $1,500 in parts. #motorama
  13. Tonight #Motorama LIVE asks this important automotive question - What matters more to you as a new car buyer: Quality or Price? #GoodVsCheap
  14. Tonight's Quality vs Price question (aka #GoodVsCheap) has been prompted by a rash of people I know lately who've opted for cheap. #Motorama
  15. Quality at a price is the most important I would say -- I am willing to pay for the craftsmanship I want #cadillac #motorama
  16. When buying a new vehicle, would you be willing to pay a bit more for a quality product, or is it all about how cheap you can buy? #Motorama
  17. I wonder why people buy cheap new cars over quality cars. If you're cheap, wouldn't a quality item save you more in the long run? #Motorama
  18. @BerryLowman Some people see a car as an appliance that gets you from A to B #Motorama
  19. In the #GoodVsCheap battle, believe me, I'm a thrifty son of a gun. That said, I don't buy cheap stuff. I always opt for quality. #Motorama
  20. People who love to buy cars occasionally have cash management challenges @BerryLowman #motorama
  21. I somehow doubt anyone participating or following the #Motorama LIVE hashtag is simply an A to B transportation person. Then again, maybe...  https://twitter.com/Auto_Bear/status/844721335964196864 
  22. Let me sight an example of #GoodVsCheap: Would you buy a car known for quality issues just because it cost less then a better one? #Motorama
  23. @BerryLowman #Motorama I think for my price point, everything is quality neutral and we're just buying features and looks
  24. Another #GoodVsCheap issue - IF you can't afford a quality new vehicle, why not buy a quality used one vs a cheap new one? #Motorama
  25. I get consulted many times per week by people who reach out to me asking about which brand or class of vehicles to buy. #Motorama
  26. I always advise those who ask about vehicle purchase to buy quality over cheap. If they can't afford the better car I advise used. #Motorama
  27. Example - There is one brand on the market that is known for issues A LOT more often than the rest. I always advise against them. #Motorama
  28. I believe a lot of people have (wrongly) come to believe most new cars are of a high enough quality level to be equivalent #motorama
  29. Many people I have advised against buying this oft troubled make (let's call it Brand X) often buy it "because it was cheaper"... #Motorama
  30. I get saving money. I'm a haggler @ heart! That said, if I know Brand X is more likely to have issues, I'll pay more for Brand A. #Motorama
  31. Most vehicles have improved in quality due to QAC processes in manufacturing. That said, some are known to still have more issues. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Caddyinfo/status/844724538625552385 
  32. People also TRUST the warranty. I wish consumer protection would crack down on Brands who often don't honor theirs #motorama @BerryLowman
  33. Interesting. I'm a fan of both models (well, from 2011 forward on Explorer). That said, they're not really in the same size class. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/vangoatnc/status/844723562581757952 
  34. Ironically the so called Brand X I'm referring to is known for far more warranty push back on valid claims than most other makes. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Caddyinfo/status/844725525507596289 
  35. @BerryLowman #Motorama so with all VW's issues, people are still buying them in record numbers. Is it because they have a "better" product?
  36. Feel free to continue to weigh in on the whole Quality vs Price (aka #GoodVsCheap) debate. Interesting stuff to be shared on here! #Motorama
  37. Shifting gears, #Motorama LIVE spent the past week piloting the redesigned @Ford #Escape Titanium model with the 1.5L #EcoBoost. Questions?
  38. Historically, I'd say VW builds a quality product for the price. That said, recently, they've been using too many plastic parts. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/vangoatnc/status/844726181391978497 
  39. #Motorama @BerryLowman @Ford Should a life size vehicle have an engine smaller than a Big Gulp?
  40. If you're referring to #Tunegate, I'm in the camp of saying @VW did their customers a favor offering a more efficient street tune. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/vangoatnc/status/844726181391978497 
  41. Let's just say for all the good points of the @Ford #Escape, I don't understand why they put a 1.5L in it when the 2.0L exists ... #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Auto_Bear/status/844727649838747648 
  42. @BerryLowman I think the EcoBoost is @Ford's biggest blunder. 4 cylinder power. V6 real world fuel economy. #Motorama
  43. @BerryLowman @Ford #Motorama can you actually tell the difference.....in a blind fold test?
  44. Let me list the things I like about the redesigned @Ford #Escape: - Outward visibility is good (except for the side door posts) #Motorama
  45. @BerryLowman BMW, VW/Audi turbos exceed real world expectations. EcoBoosts consistently underperform. #Motorama
  46. More @Ford #Escape Pros: - Good headlights & fog lights. - Panoramic sunroof is cool. - Handling feels better over previous model. #Motorama
  47. More @Ford #Escape Pros: - SYNC 3 system based on QNX vs Microsoft is vastly improved & understand my voice commands a lot better. #Motorama
  48. Now, for the @Ford #Escape Cons. Before I begin listing, let me note that I truly do not believe this vehicle is for 6'4" people. #Motorama
  49. Here are the @Ford #Escape Cons: - Center stack has crippling knee injury edges. They got me nearly every day for a week. #Motorama
  50. More @Ford #Escape Cons: - Auto Start/Stop feature should have a PERMANENT OFF SETTING that stays OFF every time you restart it. #Motorama
  51. More @Ford #Escape Cons: - The seats sit about 4-6" too high, even on their lowest setting. - Side door posts are too far forward. #Motorama
  52. More @Ford #Escape Cons: - Side door posts hit elbow & impact side visibility. - No way to turn off interior lights w/doors open. #Motorama
  53. #motorama @BerryLowman @Ford Dear EVERYBODY car seats sit better if they are on or near the floor of the car, not 8-12" above it
  54. More @Ford #Escape Cons: - Open Sesame rear hatch feature is erratic. It works when it wants to. - No A/C seats on Titanium model? #Motorama
  55. Final @Ford #Escape Cons: - The 1.5L #EcoBoost engine is underpowered. Given the Escape is a Focus CUV why not use the Focus 2.0L? #Motorama
  56. Truth is, I really wanted to like the @Ford #Escape. It is improved over the previous model in some areas. It just doesn't fit me. #Motorama
  57. We drove the @Ford #Escape Titanium 1.5L #EcoBoost 551 miles, around town and on a road trip to Dallas. It handled well on the HWY #Motorama
  58. If you are under 5'6" tall & aren't used to high performance vehicles, you may LOVE the @Ford #Escape. I know @atkinsjennifer did. #Motorama
  59. I didn't drive the @Ford #Escape blindfolded, but yeah, I'd still notice a difference between the 1.5L & 2.0L #EcoBoost if I did. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/vangoatnc/status/844728395636334595 
  60. Performance: I find most @Ford #EcoBoost engines to be excellent. Especially the 3.5L, 2.3L & 2.0L. MPGs depend how you drive 'em. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/MikeAmmo/status/844728609898217472 
  61. Out of the many @Ford vehicles #Motorama LIVE has tested over the past 7 years, the only cars I've not cared for are the #Escape models.
  62. I want to like the @Ford #Escape. It is partly an issue of is being too small for a 6'4" me. That said, I do LOVE the Fiesta ST. #Motorama
  63. Fear not peeps! Even if I'm not the world's biggest fan of @Ford #Escape the blue oval has not let me down. Guess what came today? #Motorama
  64. What #Motorama LIVE is testing for next week's show will likely flip your switch as much as it will mine. #RAAAAR https://t.co/9yDEQiU2aE
    What #Motorama LIVE is testing for next week's show will likely flip your switch as much as it will mine. #RAAAAR pic.twitter.com/9yDEQiU2aE
  65. Stay tuned to the #Motorama LIVE hashtag all this weekend, as we've got a special Texas #MudHOON Showdown in the works! It's gonna get WILD!
  66. We thank ALL of you who participated in our #Motorama LIVE discussion tonight. Join us next Wed @ 9PM ET for our #RaptorVsRaptor Showdown!
  67. You forgot to say #Motorama. Draw TWO! Yeah, it isn't a NASCAR. It isn't an SUV, either. It's a CUV that needs the 2.0L engine to get on up.  https://twitter.com/testerdahl/status/844738286161543168