#Motorama LIVE - Mar 1st 2017

Will Stage Racing Save NASCAR, Thoughts On 5 Minute #CrashClock

  1. Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Will Stage Racing Save @NASCAR, Thoughts on 5 Minute Damage Repair Rule & MORE! https://t.co/MCdkwuZB8c
    Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Will Stage Racing Save @NASCAR, Thoughts on 5 Minute Damage Repair Rule & MORE! pic.twitter.com/MCdkwuZB8c
  2. Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Will Stage Racing Save @NASCAR, Thoughts on 5 Minute Damage Repair Rule & MORE! https://t.co/pV4sUnoXBm
    Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Will Stage Racing Save @NASCAR, Thoughts on 5 Minute Damage Repair Rule & MORE! pic.twitter.com/pV4sUnoXBm
  3. Welcome to the wildest weekly hour of automotive & motorsports discussion online! It's #Motorama LIVE! I'm your HOON of hosts @BerryLowman!
  4. This week, we begin #Motorama LIVE on a sad note. The grandstand in the sky has added another great. Our own @Auto_Bear's Dad has passed on.
  5. As such, we'll be without the wit & wisdom of @Auto_Bear for a bit here on #Motorama LIVE. Our thoughts & prayers are with Marc's family. :(
  6. Those who know @Auto_Bear know he's a man of great Canadian humor. If you get a chance, send some warm & punny thoughts his way. #Motorama
  7. 1st up tonight on #Motorama LIVE - What's up with @NASCAR's new 5 Minute Fix It or Park It Rule? We'd love to hear YOUR thoughts! #SoundOff
  8. For those of you who watched the #Daytona500, you may have noticed @NASCAR's latest "5 Minute" competition repair rule. #Motorama
  9. @BerryLowman @NASCAR Dislike the fix it or park it 5-minute rule. Who thought that was a good idea? #Motorama
  10. Basically if you crash in a @NASCAR race this season, you have 5 minutes (cumulative total) to repair the car ON pit road. #Motorama #NASCAR
  11. Once you've made an under 5 Minute repair ON pit road, you must maintain minimum race speed (160MPH @ Daytona) to continue racing. #Motorama
  12. @BerryLowman @NASCAR We watch to see the most skilled drivers in the best cars. Not a fraction of the starting field chess match. #Motorama
  13. This new "5 Minute" @NASCAR pit road repair rule is being called #CrashClock on social media. What are YOUR thoughts? #Motorama #NASCAR
  14. @BerryLowman @NASCAR they had the speed rule before, the 5-minute rule is pointless. Fix it and get back in competition. #Motorama
  15. @BerryLowman @NASCAR There should be a limit. Like a max of 10 laps down or something but 5 minutes and no garage is too far #Motorama
  16. My /02 on #NASCAR #CrashClock - Who thinks it's safe to repair a car in under 5 minutes & send it back out in traffic at 160 MPH? #Motorama
  17. A lot of guys don’t want to drive wrecked race cars so they are okay with #crashclock #Motorama
  18. I mean, seriously. What is @NASCAR thinking? This 5 Minute #CrashClock is a safety nightmare just waiting to hurt drivers or fans! #Motorama
  19. To further add to the safety issue of #NASCAR #CrashClock, you CANNOT replace damaged body panels in your 5 Minute repair. WHAT?!? #Motorama
  20. @BerryLowman #Motorama I vote we only count green flag laps, restart in the order you were in and can fix cars in the garage. #letthemrace
  21. @BerryLowman I think they should give them the duration of the caution to fix it. Can't just have a car perpetually in pit though #motorama
  22. In true #NASCAR fashion, for every good idea they implement, they feel the need to take a simultaneous leap backwards. #CrashClock #Motorama
  23. @BerryLowman @NASCAR I would love to have been a fly on the wall to hear who raised their hand and said "this is a great idea". #Motorama
  24. If you're racing short track speeds of 90-100 MPH, that's one thing. But to put heavily damaged cars on track at 160+? #Motorama #CrashClock
  25. @dkjackson Seems these days it is a fuel mileage and pit strategy contest with unrecognizable cars and LOTS of TV money. #Motorama
  26. It's good to know the same old thinking is alive & well down in Daytona, I guess?!? ##NASCAR #CrashClock #Motorama
  27. @b_motorsports You hit the nail on the head. It comes down to the money at the expense of the fans. #Motorama
  28. I spend time racing at speeds over 150 MPH a few times per year. I don't want someone without a fender or hood anywhere near me! #Motorama
  29. @BerryLowman Having been on a Rolex24 pit crew, I can tell you that the 5-minute #crashclock would have been sickening. #Motorama
  30. In other news, @NASCAR may be onto something with their version of a "Stage Racing" format. What do YOU think of it? #Motorama #NASCAR
  31. The bottom 5 cars all only get one point so in most situations there is now no reason to allow fixing a car in the garage #motorama
  32. @b_motorsports @BerryLowman Back when my dad was doing endurance races you could spend hours in the garage and still win! #Motorama
  33. There were a couple instances last year where "fixed" cars went back out and crashed hard. What's the point? #motorama
  34. On Stage Racing - My Dad called me up & said, "What the hell is going on with this #NASCAR race? It says Lap 3 of 60!" #Motorama
  35. @BerryLowman @NASCAR Too early to say. Intriguing, but takes away from just racing. Get in, buckle up, and #maythebestmanwin #Motorama
  36. What's worse to race beside? A car that's been wrenched on for 20-40 mins, or one that's been duct taped in less than 5? #Motorama #NASCAR  https://twitter.com/4camtorino/status/837127717757808641 
  37. I've always said the best two races @NASCAR hosts each season are the Shootout to open #Daytona500 #SpeedWeek & May #AllStar race. #Motorama
  38. @BerryLowman @NASCAR that all depends on the team and driver. Stupid rules drive bad behavior. #Motorama
  39. The stages create a couple pre determined cautions but NASCAR also seems less likely to throw a caution now for every little thing #motorama
  40. I've always preferred "shootout racing" where you advance to an A Main versus long, drawn out races. It's just more exciting. #Motorama
  41. @4camtorino @BerryLowman I don't hate the stages as long as they can be articulated. Just maybe a shorter caution if any at all. #Motorama
  42. Why are we comparing 24 hour races to 4 hour races? When was the last time a car went to the garage and won a NASCAR race? #motorama
  43. Every Nascar race becomes a triple-header? 3 stages no waiting #Motorama
  44. @4camtorino I think that remains to be seen. I suspect if certain drivers whine enough, yellow will fly. #Motorama #NASCAR
  45. One can hope. Then again, @NASCAR has always thrown BS "debris" cautions to bunch up fields. That prob won't ever stop. #Motorama #NASCAR  https://twitter.com/4camtorino/status/837128617872273409 
  46. @4camtorino I think its more comparable to a Grand Prix which is usually a bit over an hour and people are saying that's too long #Motorama
  47. If @NASCAR wants to have stage races, why not at least make the caution laps between stages not count? #Motorama #NASCAR
  48. The year they started the race on a wet track & half the field crashed in Turn 1. They allowed switches to backup cars to restart. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/4camtorino/status/837128985146507264 
  49. How about @NASCAR letting 40 cars race in Stage 1. Pair it to 30 cars for Stage 2. Pair it to 20 cars for the Final Stage. #Motorama #NASCAR
  50. Imagine how much harder they'd race if you had to finish in the top half of each stage to move on to the next one! #Motorama #NASCAR
  51. My biggest recommendation to @NASCAR on their Stage Racing format is to make sure the TV displays the actual lap count throughout. #Motorama
  52. I am not a fan of the stage racing. At all. It seems contrived. . Trying to make it more exciting is a gimmick. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BerryLowman/status/837130461361094656 
  53. In principle, do you think Stage Racing is a smart move by @NASCAR, or not? #Motorama #NASCAR
  54. @BerryLowman I think for @NASCAR it has the possibility of working. I couldn't imagine it in #F1 or sports car racing #Motorama
  55. @BerryLowman @NASCAR To be determined. #Motorama I just want to see good racing, not manufactured drama.
  56. Back when Matt Kenseth ran away with the points championship well before the final race of the season, #NASCAR invented The Chase. #Motorama
  57. Now that Jimmie Johnson has all but shut out the field on The Chase formula #NASCAR is hunting for another "fix" with Stage racing #Motorama
  58. .@NASCAR is a bit of a unique beast. Particularly oval races. So I'm willing to look at a thing like stage racing in its context #Motorama
  59. For DIRT car fans, especially @WorldofOutlaws fans, I'm sure there would be a LOT of people like to see #NASCAR Stages as Mains. #Motorama
  60. IF you were in charge of @NASCAR, what would YOU do to modify the Cup series to create the best possible racing for fans? #Motorama #NASCAR
  61. Only issue is with the forced cautions. I think the scramble for the 10 points positions would naturally cause yellows #Motorama
  62. I will say, the stage racing got me to watch the truck race and the Xfinity series races, in addition to the Daytona 500 #Motorama
  63. I think I would start with more emphasis on the cars and technology and race strategy. Less on the drivers as personalities. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BerryLowman/status/837132923165884421 
  64. Personally, I'd like to see the #CrashClock rule dropped, & then see how this Stage format works out for #NASCAR. I bet it helps. #Motorama
  65. The big driver personalities are part of what makes #NASCAR so great. Otherwise, it might as well be #F1. My .02. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/TMarcJones/status/837133615305637890 
  66. @BerryLowman @NASCAR Long list. Actual production body, no restrictor plates, points based on race finish, and MUCH more. #Motorama
  67. Shifting gears, on a different note, we hear that @Cadillac is going to begin "OTA" (over the air) software updates to their cars. #Motorama
  68. Question - Would YOU want OTA (over the air) updates from an OEM to your car? #Motorama
  69. @BerryLowman I respectfully disagree. The way they are being marketed is turning middle America away. Bring back Cale Yarborough! #Motorama
  70. @BerryLowman Absolutely not. Refer back to the GM-Microsoft verbal feud a few years ago. #truth #Motorama
  71. We all know that @TeslaMotors has been doing OTA software updates to their cars all along. But do you want your CTS-V OEM updated? #Motorama
  72. Here's my beef with OEM OTA updates to personal cars: I don't tune 'em to improve performance & economy for an OEM to undo it all. #Motorama
  73. Ironically, I drop the @Cadillac OTA topic, and Mr. @Caddyinfo seems to have disappeared from the discussion ... #WTH?!? #Motorama
  74. #Motorama @BerryLowman @Cadillac it made more sense to me when GM said "no over the air updates"
  75. BTW, another box of performance goodies showed up today from @b_motorsports! I can't wait to open it up! #Motorama #GoFastGoodies #Safety1st
  76. We're running a bit over here on #Motorama LIVE tonight. What a fun discussion! #NASCAR #CrashClock, Stage racing. OTA updates & MORE! :)
  77. There are ways to make over-the-air updates failsafe, so that's the tech I want to hear more about #Motorama
  78. We thank ALL of you who joined in our #Motorama LIVE discussion tonight! Join us every Wed @ 9PM ET for all things automotive & motorsports!
  79. Luckily I remembered I needed to do an over the net update to Wife's ATS state registration #Motorama
  80. OEM OTA software updates for my infotainment center are one thing, but they aren't getting anywhere near my ECU or BCM settings! #Motorama
  81. @BerryLowman Speaking of which I wonder if that will be the first thing that tuners tune out? #Motorama