#Motorama LIVE - Mar 15th 2017

NASCAR Hits Vegas, New Car Options That Matter & Those That Don't

  1. Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - What Options Matter On New Cars Today, NASCAR Hits Vegas in the Busch, & MORE! https://t.co/c3sjuTVNJW
    Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - What Options Matter On New Cars Today, NASCAR Hits Vegas in the Busch, & MORE! pic.twitter.com/c3sjuTVNJW
  2. Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - What Options Matter On New Cars Today, NASCAR Hits Vegas in the Busch, & MORE! https://t.co/u61tzLGqnh
    Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - What Options Matter On New Cars Today, NASCAR Hits Vegas in the Busch, & MORE! pic.twitter.com/u61tzLGqnh
  3. Welcome to the wildest weekly hour of automotive & motorsports discussion! It's #Motorama LIVE! I'm your HOON of hosts @BerryLowman!
  4. Tonight, my computer is acting like it's been dipped in molasses for some reason, so my typing is about 50 characters ahead ... #Motorama
  5. So my Tweets are coming out waaaaaaaaay slower then usual for some strange reason. #Motorama
  6. We kick off tonight's #Motorama LIVE by welcoming back @Auto_Bear! Things just weren't the same without you while you were gone Marc! :)
  7. MycomputerappearstobeworkingwellandispredictingwhatIwanttosay. #Telepathic. #Motorama
  8. We kick off tonight's #Motorama LIVE with a quick recap of the @NASCAR Battle Royale at @LVMotorSpeedway this past Sunday. #BeatTheBusch
  9. Another race, another wreck with Kyle Busch in the middle of it. This time he didn't cause it but he sure tried to end it! #Motorama #NASCAR
  10. RE: Busch vs Logano. THANK GOD! The Taxi racing series needed an emotional boost. #Motorama
  11. How many of you think Kyle Busch was in the right to smack down Joey Logano on pit road after the race? #Motorama #NASCAR
  12. Here's the thing. Logano has a history of causing wrecks and then acting all "aw shucks" about it. #Motorama #NASCAR
  13. #motorama races need to be settled as contests of speed & talent not martial arts @BerryLowman
  14. On the flip side, Kyle Busch has a history of causing wrecks and then blaming everyone from the tires to the pavement ... #Motorama #NASCAR
  15. I missed the race, but read that the 'dump' was a payback for something on the back straight. Bump'nRun became Dump because Busch #Motorama
  16. If everybody was kungfu fighting this guy would be champion 40 years running #motorama @Caddyinfo @BerryLowman https://t.co/Lnx4AczCtw
    If everybody was kungfu fighting this guy would be champion 40 years running #motorama @Caddyinfo @BerryLowman pic.twitter.com/Lnx4AczCtw
  17. Payback on Kyle Busch? I'll buy that. He's been known to hit everyone at some point in the season. Some multiple times. #Motorama #NASCAR  https://twitter.com/Miradart/status/842183266362773504 
  18. It's interesting that you never really see much fighting in major racing series anymore. It used to be a LOT more common. #Motorama #NASCAR
  19. NASCAR fueds are like a non lethal middle-east conflict. Everything is about what the 'other' guy did to 'us' last time. Haha! #Motorama
  20. @BerryLowman not sure about causing wrecks, but he sure knows how to blame everyone else when the the paint job gets ruined. #motorama
  21. @BerryLowman #Motorama Rubbin is Racin.... But if you rub the wrong way your gonna get smacked. But, who was wrong?
  22. @BerryLowman Other major racing series would seriously punish fighting while #NASCAR seems okay with it. #Motorama
  23. #Motorama LIVE asks - In today's modern era of touchy feely everything, is there a place in racing for after race fights? #Motorama #NASCAR
  24. Excellent question! I think Logano was probably wrong this time around. That said, Kyle Busch was due for someone to pay him back. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/vangoatnc/status/842184377509511169 
  25. @BerryLowman Every week, no. But every once in a while, probably okay. What damage can 2 140lb racers could do to each other? #Motorama
  26. @BerryLowman your rationale sounds like the rationale of a pro wrestling fan. #Nascar must have the perfect balance going #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BerryLowman/status/842184813327065090 
  27. The grandstands used to be a LOT fuller back when everybody was Kung Foo Fighting. Nowadays, not so much. Just a thought. #Motorama #NASCAR  https://twitter.com/Auto_Bear/status/842184456366612480 
  28. @BerryLowman #Motorama its better handled off the track then on, so I'm for taking care of business in the pits. #letsgetreadytorumble
  29. @BerryLowman absolutely! The fighting is what sells tickets. Well, that and the chance to see @DanicaPatrick in her firesuit. #Motorama
  30. @TheXSivDon They'll announce the #NASCAR Kung Fu champion at the end of the year in place of whatever replaced the chase. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/TheXSivDon/status/842185309018329089 
  31. There was a reason every @NASCAR team used to have a HUGE jackman on hand. Maybe it's time to return to bigger pit crews? #Motorama #NASCAR  https://twitter.com/Caddyinfo/status/842185040524111874 
  32. @TMarcJones and I come from a racing tradition that you just don't touch unless you are out of control. #Motorama
  33. People don't buy season tickets to hockey games to watch grown men hit a puck with sticks so much as each other. #ItIsTrue #Motorama #NASCAR  https://twitter.com/thisRan/status/842185519668858881 
  34. It seems like #NASCAR is the only major motor racing series that allows fist fighting like that. I don't think it reflects well #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BerryLowman/status/842185687327772672 
  35. I agree there should be penalties after any fight. That said, I like them fighting outside of the cars vs with the cars. #Motorama #NASCAR  https://twitter.com/TMarcJones/status/842185522973827072 
  36. Cage Match! Shrub v Logano! Dual 140 lb "Fists of Fury!" fighters, and a blind ref! Look for lots of 'windmill' punches. #Motorama
  37. Cage matches to be held between stages. Drivers will be chosen by fans to fight to the death. Winner gets a wave around #Motorama #Nascar  https://twitter.com/Miradart/status/842186336069009408 
  38. Within 1 hour of the fight @LVMotorSpeedway, savvy track promoter @eddiegossage had fight posters up for the Texas race! #Motorama #NASCAR
  39. No matter who you like, who you blame, or who you root for, I can guarantee you this deal between Logano & Kyle Busch ain't over. #Motorama
  40. Shifting gears, tonight, #Motorama LIVE asks this - What Options Are Truly Important In Modern Vehicles, AND What Options Should Go Away?
  41. A manual transmission with a lever between the seats and a pedal to actuate the clutch should be in every new car! #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BerryLowman/status/842187682281345024 
  42. Let me begin this topic by saying this - Auto Start should DIE on every OEM vehicle. Period. #Motorama
  43. #Motorama Important (but still an option): blind spot detect, stabilitrak, apple carplay, launch control @BerryLowman
  44. I like that paddle shifters in SOME cars have improved on reaction time. That said, I still prefer to ROW ROW ROW! #Motorama #SaveTheManuals
  45. #Motorama Still an option but should go away: car based nav, skip gear shifting, no spare tires (!!) low-friction tires
  46. @BerryLowman #Motorama anything "touch sceen" I'd rather have knobs and other tactile things
  47. @BerryLowman That' would be awesome in an FX4 package. Take it off road and blow through some mud! #Motorama
  48. Perhaps, but seat coolers should be STANDARD in every vehicle sold South of the Mason-Dixon line! #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Miradart/status/842189325534035969 
  49. It's probably nice that most cars come standard with power windows, power locks, and A/C, but can we opt out of them, too? #Motorama
  50. Another option that most cars could probably do better with nowadays are CURB FEELERS! #SaveTheRims #StopTheRash #LearnToDrive #Motorama
  51. Any OEM "button" (ie: lane assist, adaptive cruise, SPORT MODE, auto stop, etc) should ALWAYS stay in the last ON or OFF position! #Motorama
  52. Seriously, folks. Who is with me? If I turn on SPORT MODE or TRACK MODE, I want those to stay ON the next time I restart the car! #Motorama
  53. @BerryLowman I think they should remain in the "On" position on the street. Driver aids are helpful. One still must pay attention. #Motorama
  54. @BerryLowman #Motorama and it's always thrilling to watch those beauties pull into Starbucks and grind 2" off the front spoiler on the curb
  55. Conversely, if I turn off STOP/START mode or Adaptive Cruise mode, they should stay OFF every time I restart the car! #Motorama
  56. I actually shame people who I catch doing this. I shake my head at them & make sure they see. It goes over well. #Motorama #StopTheGrinding  https://twitter.com/vangoatnc/status/842191759438405634 
  57. @BerryLowman #Motorama and why can't my 2016 Chevy Silverado reset it's own clock when we spring ahead or fall back? #1houroff
  58. #Motorama LIVE asks - What option do you wish was available on your car that wasn't? It can be anything (except Hookers & Blow @SeanRLoh)...
  59. That is an EXCELLENT point! The car can park itself, or correct its own lane trajectory, but why can't it tell time on it's own? #Motorama  https://twitter.com/vangoatnc/status/842192562953834496 
  60. Lasers! RT @BerryLowman #Motorama LIVE asks - What option do you wish was available on your car that wasn't? It can be anything
  61. I wish you could buy a #Corvette #Z06 from @chevrolet with a NHRA or SSCC spec full cage, harness & fuel cell option. Why not? #Motorama
  62. better lasers than the stormtroopers have...they can't hit anything accept walls #Motorama @Auto_Bear @BerryLowman
  63. Some cars currently come with lasers on them. Sets my LIDAR detector off anytime they get within a 1/10th of a mile of me! #GRRRRR #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Auto_Bear/status/842193308948533248 
  64. #Motorama LIVE has been a blast tonight! It's been great seeing some of you return after hiatus & some new peeps! Join us EVERY Wed @ 9PM ET
  65. Next week on #Motorama LIVE - We'll be talking about the newly redesigned @Ford #Escape Titanium #EcoBoost AND our usual motorsports fun! :)