#Motorama LIVE - Jan 18th 2017

Rising Price of Fuel, EPA RAMs FCA Over #EcoDiesel Emissions Tom Foolery

  1. Welcome to the craziest weekly hour of automotive & motorsport discussion online! It's #Motorama LIVE! I'm your HOON of hosts @BerryLowman!
  2. This week on #Motorama LIVE we've got some retro-futuristic cars to discuss, as well as some gas mileage related Tom Foolery. Let's dive in!
  3. Good evening #Motorama. I may have to bounce early. My stepdad wants to go to the movies for his B-Day.
  4. We kick off tonight's #Motorama LIVE with a topic that hits home with all enthusiasts, no matter where you live. The rising price of fuel.
  5. No matter where you're from, chances are, the price of fuel has been lower the past couple of years than it was for many before. #Motorama
  6. In Texas, we actually saw fuel prices dip to as low as $1.58 per gallon for "regular" 87 octane fuel. What's the lowest you saw? #Motorama
  7. Indeed, that is the case. So I'd like to take this chance to publically announce that I now identify as a Tigger #Motorama  https://twitter.com/TheXSivDon/status/821902473392701440 
  8. @BerryLowman $3.07. Honestly I'll be very happy if it stays below $4 #Motorama
  9. @BerryLowman Above $2 in a range between $2.25 and $2.50. Premium close to $3. #Motorama
  10. From a low of $1.58/gal for 87 a few months ago, we've already seen the cheapest fuel prices rise to $2.02/gal here in Texas. #Motorama
  11. @Caddyinfo a peculilarity with my Miata means I need premium to avoid excess ping haha #Motorama
  12. When fuel is "cheap" (relatively speaking), people flock to dealerships to buy what? That's right. SUVs. Why? Because BIG = BETTER #Motorama
  13. Yeah, nothing I drive runs on less than 93 octane, but for the sake of measurement, 87 is a better baseline. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Caddyinfo/status/821903942523224064 
  14. Us #Canadians measure fuel in litres so by the time you do the conversion it is approximately $150.00 /gallon #motorama @BerryLowman
  15. @Caddyinfo I pay extra for non-ethanol 91 octane premium to keep fuel line problems away. #Motorama
  16. Based on what I've witnessed here in Texas, fuel (87 octane) has risen from $1.58/gal to $2.02/gal in less than 6 months. #NotGood #Motorama
  17. @BerryLowman many states did increase their gas tax this year. No idea who though #Motorama
  18. @Auto_Bear I thought you would have gone after Mr.Wonderful because he can't speak French ;-) #motorama
  19. With fuel prices on a steady rise, #Motorama asks - Will OEMs see SUV sales drop off again, and are they adjusting inventories accordingly?
  20. @BerryLowman SUV milage is nearly double that of 10 years ago. So I don't think it will be as harsh as the 2000's #Motorama
  21. For that kind of money, maybe y'all should start building those wooden cars that run on Maple Syrup again? #Motorama #OhCanada ;)  https://twitter.com/TheXSivDon/status/821904601892921348 
  22. #motorama @BerryLowman I'd say gas could go up another $0.50 before it would impact buying decisions
  23. @TheXSivDon I have no idea who that is but i'll add him to the list. #Motorama
  24. @Caddyinfo I'm keen on the potential for #E30 as a high-octane, low-cost substitute for Premium, specifically for boosted engines. #motorama
  25. Double MPG? No way. Well, not unless you're (ahem) fudging tunes to boost MPG #s. But no big truck/SUV maker would do that, right? #Motorama  https://twitter.com/SeanRLoh/status/821905930518302720 
  26. @Auto_Bear the Canadian Trump, Kevin O Leary our next prime minister if he has it his way. #motorama pic.twitter.com/0lBa9Xb70W
  27. #motorama Interesting, @MPGomatic calibration would have to change, and Cadillac doesn't rate my V as flex fuel but interesting
  28. @BerryLowman A Hummer H2 got around 10MPG & I have achieved over 20 in the equivilant Tahoe. Plus many more small 30MPG+ SUV #Motorama
  29. Until they too run afoul of the EPA! RT @MPGomatic @BerryLowman Will the Diesel Equinox change the game? #motorama
  30. Not sure. Depends on how well it performs vs how steeply the raise the price of Diesel vs gas. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/MPGomatic/status/821907140247953409 
  31. Speaking of running afoul of the EPA. Y'all remember when most auto media was crucifying @VW, we said they're not alone? Uh huh... #Motorama
  32. Right now our gas & diesel are at par, have to be a mighty efficient machine to make a person dish out the extra $ #motorama @BerryLowman
  33. When people driving RAM #EcoDiesel engines started regularly claiming they saw high 20something MPGs, we knew something was amiss. #Motorama
  34. I welcome the move back to ONE federal standard and not state issued emission standards #motorama
  35. Looks like the EPA has claimed Tom Foolery on the tune in the RAM #EcoDiesel. At 29 MPGs in a truck, is anyone truly surprised? #Motorama
  36. @BerryLowman and those are Cummins diesels? Could it be that Fiat unaware? #Motorama
  37. The larger question is this - Will @FCA be treated the same by the auto media as @VW was if they're proved to be cheating tunes? #Motorama
  38. When @VW was accused of juicing tunes, I said they actually did their customers a favor by giving them enhanced performance & MPGs #Motorama
  39. If #RAM did the same thing, I'll say the same about @Dodge as I did about @VW. Tunes that optimize performance AND MPGs are good! #Motorama
  40. What I want to know is, will the automotive media treat @Dodge, @FCA & #RAM the same as they did @VW if they're juicing tunes? #Motorama
  41. Rules are rules, so if you intentionally break them and hide it you have to pay the consequences @BerryLowman @Dodge @VW #motorama
  42. True, although they should have just admitted it up front. We all know that no one buys the "I did not have relations" line. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Auto_Bear/status/821911607139770373 
  43. What do YOU think about the EPAs claim that the @Dodge #RAM cheated on their #EcoDiesel tunes? Does it matter to you? #Motorama
  44. Certainly had a shocking impact on fcau stock price - was down 18% later day of announce #motorama @BerryLowman
  45. I wonder if the large amounts of sponsor $ a certain OEM is known to pay media outlets who take their $ will stymie media outcry? #Motorama
  46. All I know is when @VW was accused of messing with tunes, there was a LOT of ugly media backlash. Will #RAM get the same response? #Motorama
  47. Absolutely! When they caught @VW juicing tunes, we said as much way back then. I bet more OEMs cheat EPA/emissions regs than not. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/vangoatnc/status/821915478327197696 
  48. I'm afraid you are correct. Now, whether it should be or not, THAT is an interesting topic of conversation. One we'll be watching! #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Auto_Bear/status/821915519729209344 
  49. Does it matter to you whether or not a vehicle is tuned to bypass EPA/emissions regulations or testing IF it gets better MPGs? #Motorama
  50. @BerryLowman I still can't figure out for the life of me why @VW did it. They didn't really have to. #Motorama
  51. We've gone over tonight, but we'll be watching this latest EPA accusation as it unfolds & will revisit it accordingly. #Motorama
  52. My guess - They probably started out trying to achieve a small goal & got carried away with it. I don't blame them for trying. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BrownDogBlanket/status/821917140475346945 
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  54. @BerryLowman The dichotomy of German quest for absolute precision with the callousness of the falsification is intriguing as well #Motorama