#Motorama LIVE - Jan 4th 2017

Why Major Racing Series Should Offer Simultaneous Multi-Class Racing

  1. Team #Motorama LIVE sent in our applications for the 2017 #BBORR! Here's hoping for another shot at one of these! https://t.co/cuDK8bxACZ
    Team #Motorama LIVE sent in our applications for the 2017 #BBORR! Here's hoping for another shot at one of these! pic.twitter.com/cuDK8bxACZ
  2. Welcome to the first #Motorama LIVE of 2017! I'm your HOON of hosts @BerryLowman!
  3. Hello car people and people who believe Faraday Future still has a future! #Motorama
  4. Tonight #Motorama LIVE asks YOU this question - Should premiere racing series such as #F1, #IndyCar, #NASCAR, etc., have an Unlimited Class?
  5. @SeanRLoh It will be available at the same time Half-Life 3 comes out! #Motorama
  6. Multi-class racing, on track at the same time, leads to some of the most incredible & unpredictable results on the planet. #Motorama
  7. We'll use #F1 as an example. Under current rules, only a handful of teams have a realistic shot of winning any given race. #Motorama
  8. @Auto_Bear @BerryLowman Its even worse when all the cars look the same and some people are several laps down #Motorama
  9. However, imagine if #Formula1 had two class racing within each race. #F1 with unlimited spending, vs #F2 with Unlimited car rules. #Motorama
  10. @BerryLowman I think I'd call the second class Formula A but that's beside the point #Motorama
  11. Can you imagine how much more of a challenge an #F1 race would be if you had Unlimited spend #F1 vs an Unlimited build #F2 class? #Motorama
  12. At a current #F1 race, it's already tough to spot who is where, as team cars appear identical from the stands. It's easier on TV. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Auto_Bear/status/816829949239771136 
  13. Of course, there would be the same baseline safety tech rules to pass for every class of cars entered in a multi-class race. #Motorama
  14. Why do so many LOVE Sports Car racing like you find at #Rolex24, #Sebring12, #LM24, etc? The simultaneous multi-class battles! #Motorama
  15. One of the coolest things that racing breeds (other than the racing itself) is the innovation in automotive development. #Motorama
  16. Imagine how much better the racing would be, for drivers AND fans, if you had multi-class #F1 racing. Unlimted spend vs UNL Class. #Motorama
  17. @BerryLowman Wouldn't F1 risk having the unlimited class dominate? Because it would #Motorama
  18. When you have strangling rules like #F1, or the deafening hammer of BoP, it can really stymie the quality of racing & innovation. #Motorama
  19. If #F1 Unlimited Class had a spending cap, vs Unlimited spending for those running #F1 strangled rules class, it'd be interesting. #Motorama
  20. @BerryLowman The tight regulations are certainly an issue in a sport that prides itself on development #Motorama
  21. @BerryLowman The bigger question is what is Motor Racing in general? Sport? Engineering exercise? Enetertainment? #Motorama
  22. Take the #Rolex24 as an example. People care who wins in each Class of racing, but ANY class of car can WIN the overall race! #Motorama
  23. I know major racing series all worry about the "entertainment" value proposition. Thus many of the strangling rules beyond safety. #Motorama
  24. @BerryLowman Not really. When is the last time a GT car won overall? Probably the 70's. #Motorama
  25. When you have multi-class racing, you can offer a unique environment where innovation stands a better chance to win vs just spend. #Motorama
  26. @BerryLowman If #F1 had better revenue distribution and some form of budget cap, then regulations could be loosened. #Motorama
  27. @BerryLowman That was because the LMP1 class was inexistant and the LMP2 cars all ran into troubles. #Motorama
  28. @BerryLowman @CorvetteRacing Not when prototypes were running. They often didn't run the prototype classes at certain tracks #Motorama
  29. Multi-class racing based on Unlimited Spend Class w/build rules vs Unlimited Build Class w/a spending cap would be interesting. #Motorama
  30. In any form of racing, when you offer an Unlimited Build class, you push the edge of automotive innovation further. #Motorama
  31. By the same token, Unlimited Build classes often experience the most breakage, due to pushing the envelope of racing innovation. #Motorama
  32. @BerryLowman Its been so long since any class ran anything like unlimited who knows how that would be these days #Motorama
  33. Another example can be seen @ any Vintage #F1 race. V8 cars vs V12 cars & different aero pkgs = incredible racing vs ALL the same. #Motorama
  34. Imagine a full season of #F1 with Unlimited Spend Class vs Unlimited Build Class w/a $ cap. Bet you'd see better racing all year. #Motorama
  35. @BerryLowman I bet that is cool to see but when at full song each of the newer cars are considerably faster than the older #Motorama
  36. Who wouldn't want to watch an #F1 where independent teams, like Williams, had a real shot any given week OR to win a championship? #Motorama
  37. @BerryLowman I think everyone wants that. Its just a matter of methodology without letting things get out of hand #Motorama
  38. Would we see more automotive innovation if series like #F1, #IndyCar, #NASCAR, etc, allowed for Unlimited Class builds? I think so #Motorama
  39. @BerryLowman Unlimited cars would instantly be 10 sec+ a lap faster than unlimited budget cars w/ the addition of old banned tech #Motorama
  40. Beyond basic safety technology, when should elite level racing be "in hand" vs an outlaw culture of Unlimited innovation? #Motorama  https://twitter.com/SeanRLoh/status/816839353942949889 
  41. @BerryLowman the unlimited budget cars would be obsolete overnight when against tech like ground effects & active suspension #Motorama
  42. If so, that ought to send a message as to how backward & non-relevant the current #F1 racing rules have become, would it not? #Motorama  https://twitter.com/SeanRLoh/status/816840076629938176 
  43. @BerryLowman That argument just doesn't make any sense. Tech gets banned because it was too fast so it was often a safety measure #Motorama
  44. There's always going to be someone who can outspend you. Multi-class racing based on UNL $ vs UNL Build w/a $ cap = better racing. #Motorama
  45. @BerryLowman Drivers were rumored to be passing out in corners the G's were so high #Motorama
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  47. Every #NASCAR driver used to lift in both turns @ Atlanta. Then, Jeff Gordon went through @ WOT & made it. So, many followed. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/SeanRLoh/status/816842279679762432 
  48. Drivers smake decisions in racing about whether or not they want to push it. If they can, they do. If they cannot, they lift. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/SeanRLoh/status/816842279679762432