#Motorama LIVE - Jan 25th 2017

Annual #Motorama LIVE #Rolex24 Preview

  1. Looking forward to the 2017 #Rolex24 stay tuned to this space for full race coverage! #Motorama
  2. Tonight @ 9PM on #Motorama LIVE - Our #Rolex24 Preview, Are Import Cars About To Be Taxed Into Oblivion, & MORE! https://t.co/08ONLd2Dc7
    Tonight @ 9PM on #Motorama LIVE - Our #Rolex24 Preview, Are Import Cars About To Be Taxed Into Oblivion, & MORE! pic.twitter.com/08ONLd2Dc7
  3. Tonight @ 9PM on #Motorama LIVE - Our #Rolex24 Preview, Are Import Cars About To Be Taxed Into Oblivion, & MORE! https://t.co/zcujK4zfmQ
    Tonight @ 9PM on #Motorama LIVE - Our #Rolex24 Preview, Are Import Cars About To Be Taxed Into Oblivion, & MORE! pic.twitter.com/zcujK4zfmQ
  4. Welcome to the wildest weekly discussion of all things automotive & motorsport! It's #Motorama LIVE! I'm your HOON of hosts @BerryLowman!
  5. Be sure to follow our Annual #Motorama LIVE #Flag2Flag 24+ hours of trackside coverage of the #Rolex24 this weekend LIVE from @DISupdates!
  6. @SeanRLoh @BerryLowman @DISupdates The hallucinations usually start after the 19th hour with no sleep. #Motorama
  7. On #Motorama LIVE #Flag2Flag #Rolex24 trackside coverage, we'll be bringing you images of all the action, including @Cadillac's new DP car!
  8. @Auto_Bear @BerryLowman Its always that 3-7am time for me or if I made it through that. Minutes before the finish I'll pass out #Motorama
  9. This year, our friend @DKemperRacing will be competing in the #Rolex24 for his first time. We'll try to catch up w/him trackside! #Motorama
  10. @DKemperRacing @BerryLowman That sounds like it will be really fun to run! You've done a couple of endurance races before right? #Motorama
  11. One of our signature #Motorama LIVE events is to provide LIVE #Rolex24 #Flag2Flag coverage trackside from @DISupdates every year. Join us!
  12. @BerryLowman If it is on Fox Sports 2 I won't be able to at all because @CoxComm doesn't carry it for some reason #Motorama
  13. I predict @GM is going to make some waves @ #Rolex24 @DISupdates this year with their new @Cadillac prototype. What do YOU think? #Motorama
  14. We'll also see quite a battle between @CorvetteRacing vs the @FordPerformance GT's in the #Rolex24 this year. Who will prevail? #Motorama
  15. One question on some minds has been - Will we ever see another private return of the #DeltaWing @ #Rolex24, or is it all done yet? #Motorama
  16. @BerryLowman I hope its dead. It didn't make any sense that it basically ran its own class #Motorama
  17. Question - Does BoP have a place in the #Rolex24? Should BoP even exist? Should they just let them RACE w/o BoP? #Motorama
  18. @BerryLowman I think BoP should be done with an independent driver when you do it based on some sort of qualifying like Le Mans #Motorama
  19. @SeanRLoh @BerryLowman That wouldn't prevent the teams from hamstringing the cars with ECU maps. #Motorama
  20. I'd like to see a fair fight between @CorvetteRacing and @FordPerformance. We'd all pay good $ to watch them run w/o BoP! #Motorama #Rolex24
  21. How cool would a Pure Street Class be (w/roll cage & safety gear ONLY)? I'm talking OEM stock as sold for the streets! #Motorama #Rolex24
  22. @BerryLowman It would be far too slow to have on track with the big sports racers. Dangerously slow #Motorama
  23. Personally I think OEMs would benefit greatly from a Street Stock Class in Sports Car Racing. Cage 'em up & let 'em run! #Motorama #Rolex24
  24. @BerryLowman @DISupdates Imma do about 30 hours of coverage this year. I must walk at least 10 miles at the #Rolex24 each year! #Motorama
  25. @BerryLowman SCCA has show room stock classes. I don't know about these days but they used to be very popular #Motorama
  26. Maybe some of them. Others, perhaps not slower. It would certainly cause some makes to step up their street versions! #Motorama #Rolex24  https://twitter.com/SeanRLoh/status/824446427547922432 
  27. @BerryLowman I've drivern around the outside of a Nissan GTR in a 100hp Formula Ford. Street cars are too slow for it #Motorama
  28. How cool would it be if an unknown independent team somehow pulled off a class win, or better yet, an overall win in the #Rolex24! #Motorama
  29. Hey, I walk #HoneyPoo 4 miles per day & have for the past 7 months. I'm getting back in fighting shape for this racing season! #Motorama  https://twitter.com/SeanRLoh/status/824449069720313856 
  30. @BerryLowman With new DPi cars, reliability might be an issue and favour a smaller team. #Motorama
  31. It's ironic that #Motorama LIVE always provides #Flag2Flag trackside coverage of the #Rolex24 & yet NO TV NETWORK seems capable of doing so!
  32. @BerryLowman Well as far as actual air time its understandable not being able to tie up an entire channel for more than 24 hours #Motorama
  33. Be sure to let us know if you will be in Daytona this weekend! We'd love to interview you on #Motorama LIVE's #Flag2Flag #Rolex24 coverage!
  34. If they can do 24 hours of weather coverage 355 days per year, I'm sure someone could do the #Rolex24 for a mere 24 hours. #Motorama can!  https://twitter.com/SeanRLoh/status/824450226878451712 
  35. @BerryLowman But the point. I'm sure some college ball game for is more profitable than the 17th-19th hour of a 24 hour race #Motorama
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  37. It's going to be another great weekend of #Motorama LIVE #Flag2Flag #Rolex24 trackside coverage! Be sure to join in & be part of the fun! :)
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