#Motorama LIVE - Jan 11th 2017

Caddy's Bold Move - What Would YOU Pay To Drive A New Car Every Month?

  1. Tonight @ 9PM on #Motorama LIVE - @Cadillac's Bold Move: What would YOU pay to drive a new car every month? & #NAIAS https://t.co/Wosjiv9JeU
    Tonight @ 9PM on #Motorama LIVE - @Cadillac's Bold Move: What would YOU pay to drive a new car every month? & #NAIAS pic.twitter.com/Wosjiv9JeU
  2. Tonight @ 9PM on #Motorama LIVE - @Cadillac's Bold Move: What would YOU pay to drive a new car every month? & #NAIAS https://t.co/kfrgexzoqo
    Tonight @ 9PM on #Motorama LIVE - @Cadillac's Bold Move: What would YOU pay to drive a new car every month? & #NAIAS pic.twitter.com/kfrgexzoqo
  3. @BerryLowman @Cadillac and their quiet return to Prototype Racing -- let the results speak for themselves? #motorama
  4. Welcome to the wildest weekly discussion of all things auto & motorsport! It's time for #Motorama LIVE! I'm your HOON of hosts @BerryLowman!
  5. Greetings to everyone in #Motorama LIVE land! How are y'all doing tonight? Are y'all all revved up from #NAIAS news this week, or ???
  6. Will rumors of 'peak car' be just as wrong as 'peak oil'? #motorama
  7. Speaking of #NAIAS news & driving, looks like @Cadillac will be the 1st to take the plunge from being OEM into a service provider! #Motorama
  8. This week, our friends at @Cadillac announced that you can drive any new car you want for a fixed price, as long as it's a Caddy. #Motorama
  9. Also makes a nice vehicle for getting influencers in your cars at a set investment #motorama
  10. .@Cadillac is set to begin offering a new kind of "car service", where for a fixed monthly fee, you can drive any Caddy you want. #Motorama
  11. Apparently, for $1,500 per month (US), you can drive up to 13 new @Cadillac models per year, full service & insurance included! #Motorama
  12. Do you think $1,500 is the right price point? Month to month also, so city dwellers might only subscribe when they need a car #motorama
  13. Based on @Cadillac's new fee per use model, #Motorama LIVE asks - What would YOU be willing to pay per month to drive a NEW car every month?
  14. With a 5 Star Gold membership you can rent a full-sized car from @Hertz for about $800 per month. $1500 for a @Cadillac isn't bad! #Motorama
  15. For comparison to the @Cadillac $1500/month use model, it costs roughly $4k per month to rent a @Hertz Corvette w/unlimited miles. #Motorama
  16. V in the summer, Escalade in the winter, SRX for holiday traffic & parking, CT6 for need to have 4 seats @BerryLowman @Cadillac #motorama
  17. One flat fee. Up to 13 different new cars over a 12 month period. All brand new @Cadillac's. All maintenance & insurance included. #Motorama
  18. Compared to one car payment on a Cadillac $1500 is high, but it buys you the luxury of choices #motorama
  19. My questions for @Cadillac: 1) What are the mileage restrictions per car? 2) What amount/level of insurance coverage is provided? #Motorama
  20. Actually, the monthly payment to own a new @Cadillac CTS-V or Escalade Platinum is higher than $1500/mo, 13 cars per year program. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Caddyinfo/status/819368024495026176 
  21. If @Cadillac is offering up to 13 new car per year w/all maintenance & insurance for $1500/mo, what price should other OEMs offer? #Motorama
  22. @BerryLowman sign me up, I'd pay @Cadillac for that package deal all day (month) long #Motorama
  23. I'm wondering the same thing. This could be cheaper than keeping a Corvette Z06 in tires, brakes, oil & insurance all year long. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/vangoatnc/status/819369486524547072 
  24. So @Caddyinfo, do you know what the mileage restrictions (total &/or per car) are on @Cadillac's new $1500/mo 13 car swap program? #Motorama
  25. Will we see other OEMs follow in @Cadillac's footsteps on this $1500/mo 13 car/year swap lease program? If so, what would you pay? #Motorama
  26. Folks, a set of proper tires for a Corvette Z06 runs about $2400 a set. Insurance is about the same per year, if not more. #Motorama
  27. Are you kidding? $1500/mo WITH unlimited tires, brakes, insurance & the miles I need for an entire year? SIGN ME UP #Motorama #CTSV #ATSV  https://twitter.com/Caddyinfo/status/819371047845855236 
  28. Just need to move to NY, but hopefully it is coming to Dallas & Houston as well #motorama @BerryLowman @Cadillac
  29. @BerryLowman I have a feeling they might say something after your 3rd set of bald tires in a month... #Motorama
  30. OH CRAP! You know that "DO NOT EAT" packet they out in snacks to keep them dry? I think I just ate it in a handful of munch! #OOPS #Motorama
  31. Yeah, I can get by on a couple sets per season, but hey, if they are unlimited refills ... ;) #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Auto_Bear/status/819372665861500928 
  32. @BerryLowman they should not put desiccant in the food, someone might eat it. #motorama
  33. Well it includes registration but unlimited mileage so I suppose you could stop by NY once a mo #motorama @BerryLowman @Cadillac
  34. Let's talk a bit of The Best of #NAIAS here on #Motorama LIVE! What was YOUR favorite reveal &/or bit of news from Detroit this week?
  35. Perhaps my personal favorite bit of #NAIAS news this week was this - Coming Soon (aka in 2020 "ish" ...) an all new @Ford Bronco! #Motorama
  36. The notion that the Bronco & the Ranger were mentioned at the same time makes me wonder, are we talking a Bronco, or a Bronco II? #Motorama
  37. People have been wishing online for both a new version of the @Ford Bronco, as well as a return of the Ranger to the US for eons. #Motorama
  38. What I'm pretty sure NO ONE wants, however, is a return of the Bronco II. What was that? A Ranger-based "Bronco" that was weak. #Motorama
  39. It's funny. This happens every year. Few want to discuss #NAIAS on the show beyond a halo or two. #SEMA cars on the other hand ... #Motorama
  40. In some relief news, I have located that "DO NOT EAT" packet I thought I may have munched down a bit ago, so there is that ... #Motorama
  41. Staff wake up call! RING A DING DING! Y'all care to weigh in on your #NAIAS likes, or dislikes? #Motorama
  42. I think that was most enthusiasts favorite thing show at #NAIAS this year. Could someone bring me a bottle of sand from inside? ;) #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Auto_Bear/status/819377064432324609 
  43. @BerryLowman I'm putting all my faith in @Ford that they won't disappoint with the new Bronco #Motorama
  44. If @Ford makes the new Bronco like a Raptor but w/a removable top out back, they will be nothing but golden through 2020. My .02. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BrownDogBlanket/status/819378135527460864 
  45. I didn't see anything earth shattering at #NAIAS this year #Motorama
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  47. I'm thinking it's going to go head to head with the Wrangler, whatever it is they build. @BerryLowman @Ford #Motorama
  48. That's a tall order among the rock climbing set. Then again, most Jeeps I see nowadays are dressed up pavement prowlers, so maybe. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BrownDogBlanket/status/819379056357634048 
  49. Did I just miss #Motorama again? Nothing to do now but look back and see what was said.
  50. Only other choice with the ranger platform is to build another explorer, and that makes no sense at all @BerryLowman @Ford #Motorama