#Motorama LIVE - Dec 21st 2016

#Motorama LIVE Enthusiast Holiday Gift Ideas Guide

  1. Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Santa Buckles Up His Sleigh & Rides In Style, Last Minute Enthusiast Gift Ideas https://t.co/1zJBRIuEyS
    Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Santa Buckles Up His Sleigh & Rides In Style, Last Minute Enthusiast Gift Ideas pic.twitter.com/1zJBRIuEyS
  2. Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Santa Buckles Up His Sleigh & Rides In Style, Last Minute Enthusiast Gift Ideas https://t.co/wEktjCGWbq
    Tonight @ 9PM ET on #Motorama LIVE - Santa Buckles Up His Sleigh & Rides In Style, Last Minute Enthusiast Gift Ideas pic.twitter.com/wEktjCGWbq
  3. Welcome to the Happy Holidays edition of #Motorama LIVE! I'm your HOON of hosts @BerryLowman!
  4. How is everyone doing tonight? Are you prepared to go over the river and through the woods? Got all your holiday shopping done? #Motorama
  5. I ran into more people that seem to be trying to keep Christmas from coming... but can't @BerryLowman #Motorama
  6. If your families are like ours, they sometimes struggle with what to buy the enthusiast in their life (aka YOU)! #Motorama is here to help!
  7. It's time for the 6th Annual #Motorama LIVE Holiday Shopping Guide for Enthusiasts! This year, we've got some dandy recommendations for YOU!
  8. As part of our #Motorama LIVE Annual Holiday Gift Guide, we're always looking for YOUR input. So, tell us what YOU want from Santa HOON!
  9. Top of my list this year is a new SA 2015 racing helmet! I know my farotie helmet manufacturer, but what is your helmet of choice? #Motorama
  10. We always bought Bell until Stand21 came out. But Haven't purchased a new helmet in years #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BerryLowman/status/811756599102480384 
  11. For the #Motorama LIVE Enthusiast Holiday Gift Guide, I recommend SA 2015 race helmets from @ImpactbyMCS. I LOVE the comfort of my IMPACT!
  12. @BerryLowman Problem with the Stand21 became noise isolation Our Wankel blew 118db when measured from 1/2 a mile away! #Motorama
  13. Old man winter can be VERY hard on vehicle batteries. The #Motorama LIVE Enthusiast Holiday Gift Guide recommends giving @OptimaBatteries!
  14. You just can't go wrong with the gift of a quality shop vac! Should we add this one to the #Motorama LIVE Enthusiast Holiday Gift Guide?  https://twitter.com/FastMINIRob/status/811758368348061697 
  15. @FastMINIRob @BerryLowman Other racers complained that it hurt their chest when the car passed them. #Motorama
  16. @FastMINIRob @BerryLowman California Speedway complained it was louder than the entire Nascar and Indycar fields racing #Motorama
  17. Noise isolation is an area where @ImpactbyMCS helmets excel. They are also pretty good at cooling & anti-fogging on the shield. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/SeanRLoh/status/811758446550757376 
  18. If anyone feels like buying me anything I am open to many items from the Moss Miata catalogue #Motorama
  19. @Auto_Bear Is it so cold in Canada your headers need a blanket? #Motorama
  20. As part of our #Motorama LIVE Enthusiast Holiday Gift Guide, we always recommend motor oil as the perfect gift. What weight would YOU want?
  21. My tires have been heat cycled to death and my current helmet is too old and can't fit my ego #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BerryLowman/status/811760390665277440 
  22. @SeanRLoh Lol! Actually it's to reduce heat in the engine bay. #Motorama
  23. Hey #Motorama sorry I'm late, do you have any idea how hard it is to find dairy free eggnog? I just bought the rum instead.
  24. Tires make an EXCELLENT gift for everyone! The #Motorama LIVE Enthusiast Holiday Gift Guide is a fan of many brands. Which tires do YOU run?
  25. People actually purchase and consume that stuff? I thought it was just legend like mur, frankenstien, and fruitcake #Motorama  https://twitter.com/TheXSivDon/status/811761141085048832 
  26. Egg Nog w/o the MOO is like hamburger without the meat. Yeah, you can suck down some soy, but it just ain't the same! #Motorama #Foodorama  https://twitter.com/TheXSivDon/status/811761141085048832 
  27. @BerryLowman Bridgestone RE-71R. It would be nice if they were finally offered in 225/45R15. #Motorama
  28. @BerryLowman I still have the stock Dunlops on the mazda but wouldn't mind a set of @continentaltire now to pick the model #motorama
  29. @brown_down @Auto_Bear It was 70F here today. I thought about putting a light jacket #Motorama
  30. #Motorama I could really use a battery blanket for the next cold snap!
  31. @Auto_Bear I may consider getting one. I get a pretty bad ping when it gets hot out too. Maybe it would help #Motorama
  32. If you are truly stumped on what to buy the enthusiast in your life, #Motorama LIVE recommends giving a gift card for @Shell NiTRO Plus gas!
  33. I almost ate the back of a Tesla yesterday due to my tires not being up to temp yet and those things having MIGHTY brakes #Motorama
  34. #Motorama If anyone wants any ice to cool your intakes down you are welcome to help yourself to anything on my drivrway!
  35. Ever race our #Motorama LIVE #Corvette #Z06 has won has been on @Michelin Pilot Sport tires. PS2, PSS & Cup2 tires make great holiday gifts!
  36. Another great gift idea for the car enthusiast on your list is car wax. There's a LOT of good waxes out there. I prefer NuFinish. #Motorama
  37. @BerryLowman @Michelin for those so rich they can afford to spend a small sedan in tires #Motorama
  38. #Motorama LIVE asks - What have YOU asked Santa for this year? A new ride? Tires? Wheels? Brakes? Battery? Oil? Suspension bits? Heads? Cam?
  39. @BerryLowman Santa tells me my budget is limited so all I can get is a new radio for the Miata so I can stream music #Motorama
  40. When you race @ constant speeds in excess of 150 MPH tires are the most important item! I'll spend whatever it takes to stay safe! #Motorama  https://twitter.com/SeanRLoh/status/811763927809802240 
  41. People (my mom) often don't understand how exciting things for our cars can be for us. They much rather buy us shit we don't need. #Motorama
  42. I've asked Santa for a new @ImpactbyMCS SA 2015 helmet, a HANS device, a new @COMPCams & a good deal on a new set of LS7 heads! #Motorama
  43. I'm thinking if Miss Klaus drops by, @CclrHowatt may send you down the street with her whilst building a fire with your things! ;) #Motorama  https://twitter.com/TheXSivDon/status/811765440863145985 
  44. I've got a recommendation for our #Motorama LIVE Enthusiast Holiday Gift Guide - A new @Ford F-150 #Lariat #Sport! It's like a #Raptor Lite!
  45. @Auto_Bear @BerryLowman #motorama last year my 9yo racing fan GrdSon bought me a snow brush made from a hockey stick.What's more Canadian eh
  46. @BerryLowman @CclrHowatt @TheXSivDon Don you know that Look she gives well I think it might turn to heat vision #motorama
  47. #Motorama LIVE has spent some quality time thrashing over the river & through the woods in a new @Ford F-150 #Lariat #Sport. It is legit!
  48. I dubbed the @Ford F-150 #Sport a #Raptor Lite because: It's fun offroad, comes w/ATV ramps, has torch red & black leather seats! #Motorama
  49. @FastMINIRob @SeanRLoh I think they all shop at the same sock and box of chocolates store. #motorama
  50. I've got big feet, so my stocking will fit a helmet, heads, a cam & maybe even some some room left over for some #ARP studs! :) #Motorama  https://twitter.com/brown_down/status/811767356238217216 
  51. Of course, our #Motorama LIVE Enthusiast Holiday Gift Guide wouldn't be complete without asking Santa for lots of @SNICKERS & @MountainDew!
  52. Is it unreasonable to ask for a car prepped for SVRA races? #Motorama
  53. As we await our #Raptor (the Christmas Raptor loan got delayed for some odd reason), #Motorama LIVE enjoyed offroadin the @Ford #F150 #Sport
  54. No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year, we here at #Motorama LIVE wish you ALL a #HappyHOONIDAYS! We'll see you all in 2017!
  55. Be sure to buckle up whilst HOONing over the river & through the woods this holiday season. #Motorama LIVE wishes you all #HappyHOONIDAYS!
  56. REMINDER - If you plan to come Open Road Racing with us in Texas, be sure to get your #BBORR application in on time in January! #Motorama