#Motorama LIVE - Apr 5th 2017

#Motorama LIVE Tests the 2017 Ford Raptor, 1st Gen Vs 2nd Gen #RaptorVsRaptor Showdown!

  1. We will be on #motorama tonight at 9:00PM to talk about their favorite vehicle - the @Ford F-150 #raptor Log on and follow us!
  2. It's been a REALLY long time (years, I think!), but I'll finally be returning to the #Motorama discussion tonight w/ @BerryLowman & friends!
  3. Anyone in the #Motorama chat who doesn't recognize my handle, I'm Michael Block, formerly (at)orlandocarguy! I changed it a while ago :-)
  4. Boosted News creator @turbo_moose will be participating in the weekly #Motorama Twitter discussion at 9pm! Follow along and join the fun!
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  6. Welcome to the wildest weekly automotive & motorsports discussion on the interwebs! It's #Motorama LIVE! I'm your HOON of hosts @BerryLowman
  7. This week #Motorama LIVE welcomes back some folks we haven't heard from in awhile. Welcome former staffer @MrRandyStern & @turbo_moose!
  8. Another former #Motorama LIVE staffer @chadkirchner will also be dropping by tonight (as soon as the ladies let him leave the bar ...)
  9. Before diving into topics, I'd first like to ask - Does anyone have snowshoes that will fit a C6 Z06? I may need a set on Saturday #Motorama
  10. Ladies are welcome in #motorama as long as they are car fans, or social, or both.
  11. It would seem SNOW is forecast for WV, OH & E. KY on Saturday. Guess who's flying in to pick up another Z06 in WV this weekend? #Motorama
  12. It's been awhile since I even saw snow, much less drove in it. It's gonna be one heckuva slip & slide across Appalachia in a C6Z! #Motorama
  13. Yeah, I actually had to go buy some pants for the trip. It would seem I only own Jorts at this point (that fit, anyway ...). #Motorama  https://twitter.com/turbo_moose/status/849791659189702658 
  14. Let's get down to business, shall we? First up tonight, #Motorama LIVE spent last week driving (aka HOONing) an all new 2017 @Ford #Raptor!
  15. Over the years we here @ #Motorama LIVE have logged over 10k miles on 2011-2014 @Ford #Raptor.s in just about every condition known to HOONs
  16. Since the #Raptor is designed to be driven with attitude, would that suggest #hooning it requires extreme conduct? #motorama
  17. @BerryLowman @Ford that new raptor makes my heart go beep beep. #motorama live got me up, close and personal to a bad ass piece of machinery
  18. To properly "test" the all new 2017 @Ford #Raptor, we invited Mr. @ArtisanDice & his 2013 stock 1st Gen #Raptor out for a comparo. #Motorama
  19. Randy (aka @thisRan) is my buddy, a neighbor, a machinist, a late model Mustang GT driver, & one legit HOON. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/turbo_moose/status/849793207198199809 
  20. We spent 8 days & over 700 miles testing the all new 2017 @Ford #Raptor in just about every condition you can find in Texas. #Motorama
  21. Speaking of @Ford Trucks, Wifey and I are shopping for pre-owned Ecoboosted rigs! Need a Tahoe/Beach/Tow rig. #Motorama
  22. Nice to e-meet you @thisRan! I'm a returning #Motorama participant after an extended absence (i.e. YEARS!). It's good to be back!  https://twitter.com/BerryLowman/status/849794113448923136 
  23. @FordPerformance raptor makes me want to let go of the #mustang. #motorama live delivered the goods on a hot rod of a pickup. #canihaveone?
  24. I love the 1st Gen @Ford #Raptor. The only thing I wished for in it was more power. For 2017 @FordPerformance has fixed that! #Motorama
  25. @Ford has kindly provided me w/ several #EcoBoost F-150s over the years. Even the 2.7 Nano engine has plenty of power for towing! #Motorama  https://twitter.com/TMarcJones/status/849794484296482816 
  26. @BerryLowman @Ford @FordPerformance my only beef is that it won't fit in my garage. #motorama live needs a fan garage to park the toys.
  27. The 2017 @Ford #Raptor is even more legit than the 1st Gen. Yes, even with a 3.5L V6 #EcoBoost & vs the 6.2L V8. #Motorama #TurboLove
  28. My big concern before testing the 2017 @Ford #Raptor was the new 10 speed trans. I wasn't sure if I'd like it. It passed MY tests. #Motorama
  29. Not off-hand, no. But look at it this way: the @Ford 2.7 #EcoBoost engine has more power & tq than the 4.6 V8 or the 5.4 Triton! #Motorama  https://twitter.com/TMarcJones/status/849795465608478721 
  30. The 10 speed trans (developed by @GM & @Ford) in the all new 2017 @FordPerformance #Raptor shifted solid both on & off road. #Motorama
  31. The 2017 @Ford #Raptor 10 speed trans only really uses the top 4 gears for boosting MPGs. Under hard throttle, you only use 1-6. #Motorama
  32. We are considering being able to use the rig as a track car tow vehicle (or camper). I'm thinking 10k is what I want. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BrownDogBlanket/status/849796623597277184 
  33. Same trans, BUT the paddle shift programming is a bit different. I'd like to have the ZL1's BIG downshift taps in a @Ford #Raptor. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/turbo_moose/status/849796973586780160 
  34. How quick is it to downshift if you're cruising along and then hit the gas all of a sudden? That's often my gripe is slow kickdown #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BerryLowman/status/849797282723745792 
  35. Define "highway speeds" ... ;) It turns about 1,300 at 70 MPH in 10th gear. Not bad considering the @Ford #Raptor has 4:10 gears. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/TMarcJones/status/849797589184561152 
  36. @TMarcJones 3.5 eco or 5.0 are both in the 10-11k range, w/max tow pkg. You may want to consider SuperDuty. #Motorama
  37. In our #Motorama LIVE @Ford #RaptorVsRaptor comparison, we did the same trails & roads in a stock 2013 1st Gen & stock 2017 2nd Gen #Raptor.
  38. @turbo_moose was surprised that the oval and bow tie collaborated. Haven't been in the zl1 yet, but the #raptor gets it. #motorama live test drive soon?
  39. We at #Motorama LIVE always drive at the posted limits on public roads and in TX they are 70 mph! So question answered! :-D  https://twitter.com/BerryLowman/status/849798039783051264 
  40. If you're in Drive (not on the paddles) WOT kickdown from 10th gear to 3rd gear is quick. If you paddle it, it's 7 taps. #Motorama #Raptor  https://twitter.com/turbo_moose/status/849798004278263809 
  41. Um, actually, we have 85 MPH speed limits near my house in Texas, & we used up every inch of them to test the @Ford #Raptor. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/TMarcJones/status/849798855235219458 
  42. @turbo_moose Only lag is the split second on downshift, power response is pretty much immediate, it's pretty impressive #Motorama
  43. I think the SuperDuty would be overkill. My car and trailer wouldn't be more than about 6k...I like overbuilt stuff though. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BrownDogBlanket/status/849798039162191874 
  44. @turbo_moose A friend of mine bought one for track car towing and camping duties #Motorama
  45. In our #RaptorVsRaptor, the 2017 @Ford averaged 2.5 MPG better than the 2013 #Raptor in most driving conditions. It's the 10 speed #Motorama
  46. Sprinters are so awesome! It's mind-blowing how such a relatively tiny engine can do so much work WITH power & tq to spare #Motorama  https://twitter.com/Auto_Bear/status/849799989626896384 
  47. 2017 @Ford #Raptor is a bit smoother & has a bit more clearance on Class 3 & 4 off roading trails than the 2013. #Motorama #RaptorVsRaptor
  48. Well, and also being a 3.5L #EcoBoost V6 vs. a 6.2L V8! #Turbo or not that's little more than 1/2 the original displacement! #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BerryLowman/status/849800412186202112 
  49. We scraped the skids a few times in the 2013, where we only scraped once in the 2017 on same trails, on same line. #RaptorVsRaptor #Motorama
  50. Honestly w/the 450 HP, 510 tq juiced tune @Ford has put on the 2017 #Raptor, it needed the 10 speed to improve MPGs over the 6.2L #Motorama  https://twitter.com/turbo_moose/status/849801007806779393 
  51. Yes, that's what I'm seeing. We are considering 2015 rigs or newer as a result...still pre-owned though. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BrownDogBlanket/status/849802122619236354 
  52. We should also mention that the 2017 Raptor is now available in SuperCab and SuperCrew - each one is a different beast. @Ford #motorama
  53. #Motorama LIVE 2017 Vs 2013 @Ford #RaptorVsRaptor Results - 2017 is quicker, faster, smoother & has more clearance over 1st Gen #Raptor.
  54. @TMarcJones @BerryLowman It's such a different truck that I'm not sure you can pinpoint weight difference as a noticeable difference to the previous model #Motorama
  55. @TMarcJones Each version has the 5-1/2 foot box behind it. The SuperCrew is longer, smoother, while the SuperCab is more hardcore #motorama
  56. @TMarcJones @BerryLowman Whereas it may have had a noticeable difference if they had just lightened the previous model. #Motorama
  57. #Motorama LIVE #RsptorVsRaptor found the 2017 gets 2.5 MPH better than 2013 in most situations. That said, we saw 20.1 MPH @ 70 MPH briefly.
  58. In OFF ROAD, PRIVATE ROAD testing #Motorama LIVE found the 2017 @FordPerformance #Raptor limited to 108 MPH vs 2013 @ 102, both in 6th gear.
  59. At Wide Open Throttle (WOT) the 2017 @Ford #Raptor w/the 3.5L #EcoBoost actually sounds BETTER than the 2013 6.2L! #Motorama #RaptorVsRaptor
  60. We were actually quite shocked at how much better the 2017 @Ford #Raptor sounds at WOT going through the gears than the 2013 6.2L. #Motorama
  61. We gave a LOT of joy rides to people during our week in the 2017 @Ford #Raptor. Every person liked the 2nd Gen over the 1st Gen. #Motorama
  62. You can hear the turbos spooling when you get on it down low. They get drowned out by the exhaust notes the longer you stay in it. #Motorama  https://twitter.com/turbo_moose/status/849804748769427457 
  63. Where life gets interesting - A 2017 @Ford #Raptor completely loaded out is $69k. A 2013 #Raptor loaded was $60k. #Motorama #GottaPay2Play
  64. The Raptor has become an icon for fans and enthusiasts alike. Folks get real excited about it as much as a supercar or hot hatch #motorama
  65. Well, Ford has been doing that a lot lately anyway That said, an #EcoBoost Mustang is still on my new car shopping list #Motorama  https://twitter.com/BrownDogBlanket/status/849806172047716352 
  66. On road, the 1st Gen 6.2L @Ford #Raptor's always average about 12.4-12.6 MPGs. On road, the 2017 #Raptor averages 14.7-15.2 MPGs. #Motorama
  67. You pull into gas stations in a Corvette Z06 & turn a few heads. Every time you get out of the 2017 @Ford #Raptor, you get mobbed! #Motorama
  68. We could go on about the things we like on the all new 2017 @Ford #Raptor all night. Instead, we're editing up a series of videos. #Motorama
  69. @turbo_moose They all do. If you're going to do it they go full Renault and give you an option to change the sound. Classic GT40 exhaust 👍#Motorama
  70. @BerryLowman this is true. Put it out on social media and the fanboys and trolls come out of the woodwork! @Ford #motorama
  71. We shot over 40 HOURS of 2017 @Ford #Raptor footage during our #RaptorVsRaptor series. We're shrinking it down into a few shorts. #Motorama
  72. On a side note, the new #Raptor does amazing burnouts, both in the dirt & on the tarmac. We've got some vids of that 4 y'all, too! #Motorama
  73. If you have additional questions about the all new 2017 @Ford #Raptor feel free to @ or DM them @ me. I'm happy to share thoughts! #Motorama
  74. Final Verdict - #Motorama LIVE likes the all new 2017 @Ford #Raptor so much, we've already configured one online. Now to raise the $69K ...
  75. We thank ALL of you who joined our #Motorama LIVE #RaptorVsRaptor discussion tonight! Join us every Wed @ 9PM ET for all things automotive!
  76. Special thanks to @VictoryNReseda's @MrRandyStern for joining us tonight on #Motorama LIVE to share your thoughts on the @Ford #Raptor also!
  77. A shout out to our good friend @turbo_moose for joining in our #Motorama LIVE discussion tonight! It was great to see you back here again!
  78. Your 2016 Open Road Racing National Championship winning Team #Motorama LIVE is back racing April 22nd in the Big Bend Open Road Race #BBORR
  79. Stay tuned to our #Motorama LIVE hashtag this month as we prepare two @chevrolet #Corvette C6 Z06.s for 2017 Big Bend Open Road Race! #BBORR