Team | Videoly

Videoly is an add-on for retailers’webpages providing user-generated video reviews for particular products, enabling users to make better buying decisions and merchandisers to increase the conversion rate.


  1. - watch before you buy
  2. The team of Videoly consists of 3 people based in 3 different countries. Konstantin Zagaynov, Natalia Angapova and Sergey Andryukhin are now working on Videoly to enable consumers to make a better informed decisions when purchasing online. 
  3. Konstantin, who is based in Belrin, is most actively engaged in BSA activities; nevertheless, a huge work is done remotly by Natalia and Sergey. 
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  5. Choosing mobile phone, lapto or any other consumer electronics product might be painful as there are a number of new technologies coming every day, so peer reviews are really useful. 
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