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MedizinTechnikMarkt joined BSA as Thalami in the end of May. The start-up builds a platform for comparing medical devices as tool for doctors to get up-to-date information about technologies and compare their features and prices. MedizinTechnikMarkt will catapult this market into the internet age!


  1. - best medical devices for doctors
  2. MedizinTechnikMarkt is solving the information gap in medical devices market resulting in inefficient decision making and lag in technologies being used in practices. Get to know more about the problematic of the market in less than just 2 minutes:
  3. The strength of the start-up lies in the experienced team. Sebastien Winkler is PhD in Physics and works as a R&D manager for a medical devices manufacturer, which enables him to understand the specifics of the market and talk the same language as his clients. The co-founder of MedizinTechnikMarkt Oleg has 15 years of experience and is a renowned magento expert able to build the necessary platform and ensure the best user experience.
  4. Read more about the company and their services on their website ( in German)
  5. Get the latest news and updates from the team following their twitter page:
  6. Some moments from MedizinTechnikMarkt life at BSA "Workshop. Work. Sleep. Go to meeting. Repeat."