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A start-up bringing volunteering to the 21st century matching professionals willing to dedicate 1% of their time with organizations needing those services the most.


  1. Proboneo - pro bono engagement made simple
  2. A number of people in Germany and worldwide is engaged in voluntary activities willing to contribute to causes they care about. Nevertheless, those usually end up making only a marginal impact while the real skills people engaged possess could potentially create more value to NGOs. Creating an automated matching platform is the goal of Proboneo.
  3. Proboneo (International Version)
  4. The founder of the start-up is Claudia Leissner, who has experience in consulting and working with and at NGOs herself. 
  5. Vincent Lauenstein has always been interested in social entrepreneurship, CSR and project management. Having been involved in preparing the ground for Proboneo on a voluntary basis, he joined Claudia and is now actively engaged in developing the start-up.
  6. You can follow Proboneo on LinkedIn and Twitter to know updates, new developments and status of the project.
  7. Proboneo has already built some partnerships with BMW Foundation and xxx, and are actively engaged in industry events.
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