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Descape gives you a chance to experience jobs for a short period of time without leaving your actual job. On Descape you can book a trip to meet horse trainers, brewers, engineers. It is a chance for you to learn, travel, fulfill you secret desires.


  1. To learn more about the idea behind Descape - watch their short intro video.
  2. Have you ever thought of quitting a job and starting doing something totally different? Was scared to do so, but still deep inside you want to try something new? That is what brought the idea of Descape to life. Lena's curiosity to experience new things and realistic view to life led her to looking for a chance to implement her wish...

    Meet this creative, brave and inspiring women entrepreneur Lena Felixberger and her Co-Founders Sina Tams and Heiko Strubel.
  3. For some people, who has already found their passion for life in professional career, the idea behind descapes might look strange; nevertheless, the problem of self realization in a workplace is a social problem increasing in significance. 
  4. Getting away from your everyday work and doing something very different can boost creativity and improve efficiency. Watch the talk by the guy who is doing 1-year getaways every 7 years. A real success story.
  5. Since the end of May team is engaged in Berlin Startup Academy program to foster the development of the idea.
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  7. Thursday morning w @holgerd, curator of @startupdigest Berlin and co-founder of @socialhelden
    Thursday morning w @holgerd, curator of @startupdigest Berlin and co-founder of @socialhelden