The Standing Rock Indian Reservation is located in North Dakota and South Dakota in the United States. Recently the place has been under debate because of the pipeline controversy. Texas-based Energy Transfer Partners wants to build a pipeline in this area but have faced so many opposition.


  1. The Dakota Access Pipeline Project is designed to transport as many as 570,000 barrels of crude oil from North Dakota to Illinois. The opposition comes from the people living around the area known as the Sioux tribe. They have been protesting the project since 2014 but have just recently got the Nation's attention. Their concerned is with the fact that the pipeline would threaten its drinking water and cultural sites. Many have been protesting both in place and on social media all over the country.
  2. Shailene Woodley On The Front Lines At Standing Rock-Thanksgiving 2016
  3. This goes beyond the issue of building the pipeline. It comes down to people's lives and culture that is worth preserving. Many celebrities also got involved which gave the topic so much publicity. Celebrities like Shailene Woodley and Zendaya have been talking about the issue even during thanksgiving to bring more awareness on the issue.
  4. Shailene Woodley Arrest Gets Media to FINALLY Pay Attention to Dakota Access Pipeline Protests
  5. Woodley has been very open with her protest was even arrested in October as a result and this brought even more awareness to the matter. This also upset so many people because it took a celebrity to get the news to really cover the topic. Even when they spoke on it, It was more in the sense of her arrest than the actual issue. Many are also grateful and thanking her for using her platform to create change. Many people took to twitter and have been calling the white house to get them to interfere on the entire project. The people trying to build are also protesting for their rights to go forward with the project.
  6. On Sunday December 04, 2016, Ellen Darcy, the U.S. Army's assistant secretary for civil works, had announced that her department would not approve the easement required to construct the Dakota Access Pipeline to continue. They will instead run a thorough environmental assessment to find other alternatives for the pipeline. This was a victory for the protestors and now they all hope that this will be permanent even after president elect, Donald Trump becomes president. Trump has investments in the company trying to build the pipelines and has said that it is good policies that they do so.
  7. STANDING ROCK - *Donald J. Trump: On Keystone Pipeline Protest*
  8. The issue is still very much debated and we are yet to see how it all unfolds.