Domain Tech Report from Lab1500

Get to know the entrepreneurs Edward Domain of Techli interviewed at Lab1500 on April 22nd and find out what stories they had to tell!


  1. The first guest of the evening was Dr. Tom Cohen, Washington University post-doctoral research scholar and co-founder of Nanopore Diagnostics. Early this year, Nanopore won the Olin Cup prize and $50,000 in seed investment.

  2. Cohen and his team found a way to determine the need for an antibiotic in only 21 minutes (instead of 48 hours)! Entrepreneurs are true problem-solvers!
  3. After his interview, Cohen told me that prescribing too many antibiotics is one of the biggest health problems in the world, because bacteria become immune to antibiotics.
  4. The second guest was Rick Duree, founder of the Book-X-Change and eponym of Lindenwood University's Duree Center for Entrepreneurship.

  5. Rick recently published his first book: The Entrepreneur's Bible!
  6. Up next was Ron Roy, eWeb Adjunct Instructor at Saint Louis University, founder of Winesthatrock and business partner of music legends like David Bowie, The Rolling Stones and Madonna.