Commencement 2013

A collection of social media tweets, posts, and pics from Beloit College Commencement 2013 held on Sunday, May 12.


  1. Beloit College students are known for eclectically decorating their mortar boards. This year we saw a wide array of creativity from flags attached to the hat of political science major Brian Robbins to colored packaged condoms on Liz Chiquoine's. The public health major and winner of the Martha Peterson Prize distributed condoms to the community as part of her work with the Beloit Public Health Initiative.
  2. Commencement eve was abuzz with activities from Baccalaureate to a celebratory dinner and from reflecting on the past to sharing plans for the future.
  3. On Sunday, May 12, the big day at last arrived: Commencement 2013!
  4. Prior to the ceremony, the platform party, including U.S. Senator Tammy Baldwin, gathered for some photos.
  5. Pre-ceremony pics with the platform party. #bc13
    Pre-ceremony pics with the platform party. #bc13
  6. All 305 graduates lined up in preparation for the procession.