Fall 2012 Advising Practicum

Students, Faculty and Staff use social media to report on a busy day full of valuable information.

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  1. The likes of The Chronicle of Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed have covered Beloit's Advising Practicum, the latter calling it "a rare approach...advising has been elevated to the same level as teaching, research, or service."

    But what are Beloiters themselves—the students who saw it as more than a day off from classes, the professors who presented, and the staff members who attended—saying about the Fall 2012 Advising Practicum? We’ve scoured social media to find out.
  2. Posters and Terrarium updates alerted students, faculty and staff that this event was not to be missed.
  3. Organizers were full of enthusiasm.
  4. And presenters couldn't wait to get started.
  5. Even non-Beloiters were showing up for the event.
  6. Beloit-style Dorothy (it's a squirrel in that basket!) at the Advising Practicum networking event #beadvised12
  7. As the day started, sessions explored the basics of what college, and majors, are all about.
  8. There were sessions covering grad school, exploring what might be the right fit - for some.