Billy Connolly battles Parkinson's and prostate cancer

As the Big Yin battles Parkinson's disease and prostate cancer, the Belfast Telegraph looks back at his Northern Ireland appearances and the well wishes tweeted from locals this week. Send your Billy tweets to @BelTel


  1. Monday - Billy's illnesses are revealed:
  2. Some concerned Belfast fans tweet Billy their well wishes:
  3. Back in April we reported (below) that Billy had forgotten his lines while on stage at the Waterfront Hall. Could this have been an initial sign of Parkinson's? Mild cognitive impairment is often experienced by those with the disease, which means your pattern of thinking can become disrupted. If you are worried about someone who you think may have Parkinson's the NHS has more information here: 
  4. Some YouTube footage of Billy's last show in Belfast: (warning: will probably contain strong language!)
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  6. The Big Yin's last tweet was on May 4th after a show in Cork:
  7. He was also in Ireland in April, when he tweeted about meeting Seamus Heaney:
  8. Great news. The cancer op was a success:
  9. And here's some footage of one of Billy Connolly's shows, when he talked about visiting places no one else would visit... Northern Ireland!
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