Belfast Telegraph/LucidTalk Poll 2013

This week the Belfast Telegraph is publishing the results of an important series of opinion polls which chart the current thinking among people in Northern Ireland about some of the most controversial issues facing our society. Tweet your reaction to our findings to @BelTel using #NIpoll

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  1. This opinion poll shows that @UUPonline would be the biggest loser if an Assembly election was held tomorrow. @AllianceParty has increased its vote.
  2. Day 2 of our exclusive poll reveals only a tiny percentage of the Northern Ireland public want a united Ireland now. And less than a quarter feel it should be gone within the next 20 years. 
  3. GRAPHIC: Should the Orange Order be allowed to march where they want? #NIpoll 
  4. Overall the poll findings provide some fresh and important guidelines and lessons for Dr Haass as he begins his difficult task.
  5. The findings are being published at a significant milestone, in the week that Dr Richard Haass begins his talks with the local leaders in an attempt to chart the way to a lasting solution to our current problems.
  6. Here's our Political Editor Liam Clarke's take on today's poll results