Mad Cow Disease

In case the reasons in my post "Why Go Vegetarian?" weren't good enough for you to make the switch to a vegetarian diet, I have one more reason for you: Mad Cow Disease!


  1. It's back! After six years of no reported cases of mad cow disease, it returns.
  2. What is mad cow disease? It is a disease that effects the brain and spinal cord of adult cattle. If the cow is infected, it will contaminate the meat and blood making it unsafe for consumption. This disease is passed easily to humans who ingest meat from an infected animal and can lead to death.
  3. Why is it that the USDA and the FDA is saying out food is safe if it isn't a guarantee. If there is one case of mad cow disease, it's likely that there are others in the same cattle farm. So why are they telling people that it's okay to eat? Why aren't they taking precautions to help protect the community?
  4. Luckily for those in South Korea, their government doesn't take risks when it comes to their health and safety. If only ours could be so kind!
  5. I just don't get it? If there is a possibility that you'd die from eating beef, why eat it? At least make the switch to chicken or fish until the mess is cleaned up.
  6. Again, just eat chicken or fish! Why take the risk?