75 of the best #SciArt

Over the last week the world has shared some truly inspirational science art. I've collated 75 of my favourite. Enjoy!


  1. 75. When the wonder of science touches you it leaves a mark, a bit like these tracks and traces from Matt @hairymuse.
  2. 74. For the past week, this is how I have felt everytime I've searched for #SciArt.
  3. 73. There have been images of things that are too small to see.
  4. 72. And a chance to look at the world around us in a new light - who new neighbourhoods,
  5. 71. vegetation,
  6. 70. and maps could be so pretty!
  7. 69. There were images that showed the beauty in everyday objects...
  8. 68. and captured special events.
  9. 67. #SciArt has shared medical art that helps bring stories alive...
  10. 66. and diagrams that help explain how the world works.
  11. 65. We've seen 2D drawings, like this one from Prof Alice Roberts,
  12. 64. 3D images...
  13. 63. and sculptures,