75 of the best #overlyhonestmethods

Scientists making some frank and rather amusing admissions on how science is really done. I've collated 75 of my favourite overly honest methods. Enjoy!

  1. 75. Choosing the path of least resistance. Is it saving time or just lazy?
  2. 74. We all know science can misbehave...I have been assured this is a joke.
  3. 73. Did anyone send in that form on the top of the to-do pile?
  4. 72. PIs making sure we don't forget the techniques of yesteryear.
  5. 71. Because "-methyl, -ethyl, -futile" methodology is simply amazing
  6. 70. It's sexy and you know it!
  7. 69. Some of the most important discoveries in science came about through accident.
  8. 68. A lesson to all, but one of those things you just keep putting off...I know it's here somewhere.
  9. 67. Shake it, shake it. Humm, we might need to put the song back on I don't think it's finished!
  10. 66. Have a break, take a stop watch.
  11. 65. That well know piece of lab equipment - blu-tac
  12. 64. Scientists love the planet - Reuse, recycle, re- forget it buy some more because it's clearly gone off.
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