Northern Collaboration Learning Exchange: Communicating with New Technologies

In a period of continuous change in the higher education sector the ability to adapt is key. This Learning Exchange Event is one of a series exploring specific service areas affected by our fast changing environment.


  1. This event focused on using new technologies to communicate with customers, stakeholders and staff.
  2. The event was hosted by Leeds Beckett Library There were five speakers sharing their ideas and experiences of a variety of new technologies being used to communicate and deliver services to customers. The event was well attended with Library staff from universities across the Northern Collaboration region.
  3. First to speak was Lucy Keating, Liaison Librarian from The University of Newcastle.
  4. Supporting researchers in their use of social media: experiences, issues and future developments: Newcastle University Library delivers social media training for research staff and students and Lucy described how this has evolved over the last five years.
  5. Next to talk were Andy Key and Sarah Cohen from Leeds Beckett Library.
  6. How to quickly and effectively implement a new email/chat service: implementing a chat and email service using the LibAnswers suite of software at Leeds Beckett University library.