36-hour to take airline retailing to the next level


  1. The first IATA NDC hackathon on business travel kicked-off last night at Wir Im Raum right in the heart of the Berliner city. About 100 participants and 20+ representatives from IATA, British Airways, SITA, Routehappy, Flyiin launched this 36-hour hack to change the future of business travel.
  2. Yanik Hoyles, NDC Program director @IATA welcoming speech set the tone, the business travel needs you to innovate, let's hack and bring to life great solutions for airline retailing.
  3. Then came our great sponsors, thanks for your implication. Platinum sponsors SITA and QatarAirways, Gold sponsors: Flyiin, JR Technologies and RouteHappy.
  4. To make real business travel apps you need a ground to take off, this hack ground is the APIs provided by IATA and partners. LinkedIn, SITA, British Airways, NDC, TimaticAutoCheck, RouteHappy and the challenges set.
  5. Various challenges to tackle by creativity and code lines divided into two categories to set your red line: The business traveller journey and data travel were presented by Aurélie Krau from Festive Road.
  6. And came the most thrilling time of the launch at hackathons: Pitch of ideas! Every idea generator came on stage and pitch their idea in one minute. 24 ideas were pitched and 22 teams came out of it.