Hack the Office



  1. More than a hundred participants were awaited at Paris Pionnières for the launch of the hackathon Hack the Office by Crédit Agricole on June 3rd. Located in the Sentier area in Paris, this girl power incubator shines by its fantastic and peaceful architecture.
  2. Shortly, the room got filled by so many different profiles: hackers, designers, idea generators and super powers holder. A large group of mentors, seated in front, were quickly ready to hear out all the participants idea for this hackathon.
  3. 1 minute: this is the time allowed for each idea generator to explain their project. Nearly thirty ideas were given in front of the crowded audience.
  4. Everyone had 30 minutes to find their new teammates...
  5. ... While enjoying some delicious French product (cocorico-cock-a-doodle-do) !!
  6. Shortly after workshops started with IBM Watson APIs presented by Soheel Chughtai Beta Program Manager at IBM....
  7. ... “Tools given by Recast.AI to create your bot” by Jasmine Anteunis and Pierre-Édouard Lieb co-founders, Business Developer & Growth Hacker at Recast.AI...
  8. ... and finally Craft.AI gave us a wokrshop on how to create your personal J.A.R.V.I.S intelligence by Clodéric Mars, Craft.AI CTO.
  9. After a short night what about a yoga session? Best way to keep the best energies inside and letting the bad ones go :)
  10. Massages and challenges by the mentors came right after: shaking the stress away and keeping up with the competition!!
  11. There's some final demo prep's going on there!! Sophie, our fantastic logistics manager is setting up everything so YOU'RE project looks amazing in front of tomorrow's madding crowd ;)