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See you in September, Congress

We asked, you answered: What would you like to say to our elected officials as they head home for August?


  1. We asked you what you'd like to say to Congress as we send them off for recess, and we were overwhelmed with your responses. Here's a few of what you all had to say:
  2. And some of your messages from our Facebook page
  3. Marinaa Laawson: Dear Congress, Can't wait to say Goodbye to you in November (2014, that is!).

    Patricia S Wolley: Hope you get rested and decide to come back and get some business done. You have wasted 5 years because of your dislike of President Obama. Leave your prejudices home..

    Jesse Lewis Jr.: Yea Congress, Come On Home!!! The citizens would like a word with you!!!

    Jan Craig: No one will notice. What is the difference between being away and being there?

    Rita Wilson: Get plenty rest, so that when you return you can get things done.