Studio Sephira ~ September 2013 ~ A Month in Review

Hope you enjoy this little story about the beginning of the 2013-2014 dance season at Studio Sephira!

  1. September is always a fun time for the Studio because it is the start of a new season. This year was no exception with a brand new schedule that includes a large variety of specialized technique classes. Regular Advanced and Intermediate classes started the week of September 9th and the Thursday evening Beginner class and the Choreography & Technique Intensives started the week of September 16th.


    The Studio sent out it's annual September newsletter  - in a Great New format!!! - to get everyone ready for the new season.
    There was also come fun and informative links posted on the Studio Facebook page :)

  3. ⊰ Oriental Silliness ⊱ for bellydancers

  4. The Studio also hosted a much anticipated Open House. Lot's of ladies curious about bellydance or excited to join the beginner classes this term came as well a a good number of actives students who were excited to get another season under way. We shopped & socialized. Put on a mini-performance and danced a mini-class together. I forgo to take out my camera and would LOVE to get any pictures that participants may have taken during the event :)

  5. Once classes got started we wasted no time getting into the nitty-gritty of things! The Advanced & Intermediate classes had some basic reviews of the classic 6 part routine of Vintage Oriental style of bellydance, the choreography intensive started work on Morocco's 'Ya Salaam Al Beladie', everyone was ready to sharpen their sword skills in the technique intensive and a very enthusiastic and fun bunch of ladies were ready to keep me on my toes in the beginner class.

  6. Some of the fun songs that I played during classes this month include :

  7. Bellydance Kizmet MBS 2008
  8. Salome' Bahar-RuhTum Bi Salama (Go in Peace) May 28, 2009
  9. the magic of belly dancing: raks al dounya

  10. Something new this year is interest in private classes. So far I have had a number of private classes with women who have prior dance experience looking to move directly into the intermediate class. Also, a few student approached me to book a special 6 week private session because they want to work on a specific aspect of the dance. One students wishes to start a session in eitehr December or January to create a choreography to Hossam Ramzy's 'El Hob Halal' and she is open to sharing this experience with another 2-3 dancers who are interested in doing so.

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