2013 June Show - Song Lyrics & other details

This Annual Student Show will showcase a wide variety of solo & group improvisation & choreographed pieces featuring veil, sword, isis wings, circular veil, fans & live music. Here is a list of the music being used this year with some links to the lyrics to help us understand meaning of the songs.


  1. Bellydance Mini-Show by Amir Naoum & Elias Sarkar from the album Bellydance New York - With Amir Naoum

    A classic bellydance show in the Vintage Oriental tradition consists of 6 parts: entrance, veil dance, party dance, ciftetelli, drum solo, and finale.

  2. Music:
  3. Kuzu Kuzu (Akustik Versiyon) by Tarkan from the album Kuzu Kuzu

  4. The version used for the 2013 show is instrumental, but the original song does have lyrics.
    "This time I set fire to my pride, I'm also burned"
  5. Lyrics:
  6. Music:
  7. Melkan| Tarkan - Kuzu Kuzu Akustik (HD)
  8. Lama Bada by Amir Naoum & Elias Sarkar from the album Bellydance New York - With Amir Naoum

  9. Although the version in the show this year is instrumental, this traditional song can be found with lyrics.
    "When she begins to sway, My love, the beautiful one, attracts me"
  10. Lyrics:
  11. Music:
  12. El Soud Eyounoh by Moustafa Amar from the album Arabic Mix 2002

  13. "I offered an expensive "mahr*"and I stole the star from the altitudes and it's over my heart, it's my fate to love her eyes"
  14. Lyrics:
  15. Music:
  16. Mustafa Amer-El Soud 3yono-Arabic Music (Watch In HD Widescreen).mp4
  17. Saharany by Ihab Tawfiek from the album Arabix Mix 2002

  18. "She means the world to me. Neither a minute or even a second, I can't live without her"
  19. Lyrics: