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My name is Hardy Thomson. I belong from United State. I am doing a job as a lab technician. I spent lot of time with moderen electronic instruments. And i am also work with Paxcam. PAXcam digital Microscope cameras attach to almost any microscope using a standard C-mount coupler. For more detail about paxcam please visit our website.



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No Soup For You

No Soup For You is one of the most trending websites that let you get acquainted with the finest restaurants available in Dubai. Whether you want to relish Italian, Greek, Russian or any other cuisine from all across the globe, you can browse through our website.

Quick Vacation Search

"Quick Vacation Search" is a Hotel and Flight search engine which enables you to find and compare hotel deals, flights and rental car prices within a few minutes. You can search hotel deals, flights and rental cars in more than 220 countries. Payments can be made in as much as 120 currencies and the search engine also covers around 120 languages.


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Michael Howard

I am Michael Howard working as a quality analyst with a company that manufactures professional spy equipment. I love to go for adventure sports, trekking and scuba diving on weekends with my friends.