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Hello Every one It's professor from uk there i am doing job in human resources company where candidate passed test for his carrer and job requirement test. Today I will share with you Recruitment and Selection process flowchart. that how company selected to Candidate. Hiring. Manager. ATS System Department , HR Operations and HR Coordinator and so on


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I love to write beautiful & informative blogs like no other bloggers. I started this profession in young age. Well for me, my Grandfather is my role model. I’m just a creative always offering BEST OF THE BEST.

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While studying the fashion blogging phenomenon at her merchandising job at theguardian.com. 4 year ago, ciro cochiti decided to start her own blog, currently, she's working as the manager of merchandising at Brand Me Now UK.


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Born on January 2, 1990 in derby, UK, scientist Theodosius Dobzhansky eventually immigrated to the UK. and worked as a professor and key resources researcher before publishing in 2008 Genetics and the Origin of Species, a pioneering examination of the interplay between genetics and evolution. Future works included Mankind Evolving and The Biology of Ultimate Concern.


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Gary K Blanco

My name is Blanco. I am a professional blogger and bike rider. I love to travel the world by using hybrid bike