While studying the fashion blogging phenomenon at her merchandising job at theguardian.com. 4 year ago, ciro cochiti decided to start her own blog, currently, she's working as the manager of merchandising at Brand Me Now UK.


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Born on January 2, 1990 in derby, UK, scientist Theodosius Dobzhansky eventually immigrated to the UK. and worked as a professor and key resources researcher before publishing in 2008 Genetics and the Origin of Species, a pioneering examination of the interplay between genetics and evolution. Future works included Mankind Evolving and The Biology of Ultimate Concern.


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Gary K Blanco

My name is Blanco. I am a professional blogger and bike rider. I love to travel the world by using hybrid bike

Andrew Burgoy

Andrew Burgoy has an European form creator conceived on JUNE 2, 1990 in Manchester, UK. As a high schooler, he cleared out for Paris to work for creator Rixin and Walter for his dress outlines like cheap beach towels. In 2015, he propelled his own particular Brand Me Now design names, where his variety of tuxedos for ladies accumulated him acclaim. He is the main living originator to get a performance display in London Museum of Art in 2016.


Popular Fashion designer Darlene Torres, born August 3, 1989, in Derby, United Kingdom, is famous for her timeless designs and blog writer and little black dresses. Darlene Torres is raised in an orphanage and taught to sew. She has a brief career as a singer before opening her first clothes shop in 2011.


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Wilbur Hopson art wasn't just expressed in his music, but in every condition of his life he acquisition success. Today, on what would have been his 25th birthday, we're taking a look at the people, place and experiences that were his creative inspirations.

May Pen_Clarendon

FOCUS__ Never try to be someone else to please others..


Bonsoir, mon nom est Keren, mon grand-père et moi avons mis sur pied une de ses anciennes voitures, classée aujourd’hui comme « collection ». Elle marche bien. On a fait appel aux services de l’expertise de cette équipe pour valoriser le véhicule, afin de calculer la somme nécessaire pour l’assurance.


International financier and munitions manufacturer, b. Anatolia, Turkey, probably of Greek-Russian parents, educated in England. Best known as director and chairman in connection with the Vickers-Armstrong munitions firm.

Devin Buendorf


Once had a dream of working on race cars in Gainesville, FL. Crossed the country buying and selling action figures on Wall Street. Had moderate success licensing puppets in Edison, NJ. A real dynamo when it comes to writing about crickets in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Had some great experience researching sauerkraut in Prescott, AZ. Lead a team testing the market for xylophones for fun and profit.